Pakistan buys Chinese J-10C fighter jet, operation can be carried out at night


India has recently bought Rafale warplanes from France. Then Pakistan also strengthened its fleet of warplanes. Pakistan has bought 25 J-10C fighter jets from close ally China. Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has confirmed the receipt of these warplanes from China.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed told the media in Rawalpindi, the capital of Pakistan’s Punjab province, on Wednesday that the warplanes would be displayed during the Pakistan Day parade on March 23. This J-10C fighter jet is suitable for all types of weather, especially at night.
One of the most trusted fighter jets in China’s defense fleet is the J-10C.

The Pakistani Home Minister said, “For the first time on March 23, some very important people will be present at the Pakistan Day celebrations. Then there will be a training exercise for J-10 model warplanes. He said the exercise would be conducted by the Pakistan Air Force as part of India’s response to the raffle purchase.

Last year, Pakistan received warplanes as part of a military exercise with China. Then Pakistani experts got a chance to see from J-10C.
The 20-day military exercise between the two countries began on December 6.

In addition to the J-10C, China sent J-11B, KJ-500 fighter jets and Y-8 electric warplanes for military exercises. On the other hand, Pakistan Air Force took part in the exercise with JF-16 and Mirage-3 fighter jets.

Pakistan has US-made F-16 fighter jets in its fleet. The F-16 is considered to be as powerful as the Rafale in France. But after India bought the Rafale from France, Pakistan was trying to buy a warplane that could be used for multifaceted purposes. Bought J-10C from China as part of it. References: Economic Times

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has delivered a policy speech of the year emphasizing the country’s economic development. This information has been reported in the state media of the country on Saturday. It also said he did not mention the United States in his New Year’s speech.

The leader of the North Korean Workers’ Party made the remarks after a party meeting, AFP reported. This speech has been monitored for the last few years. He has been focusing on food and development in his speech for several years.

North Korea has isolated itself from the rest of the world since the start of the Corona epidemic. It has had a huge impact on the country’s economy. In addition, the country is struggling to store food.

According to the North Korean news agency KCNA, the issue of meeting the daily needs of the people has been taken as an important issue.

North Korea’s food crisis has been warned before. The United Nations said last October that the country was at risk of famine.

In this context, Kim said that the steps that will be taken to overcome the loss of Corona, will be the most important. The steps will be implemented loudly.

Although he did not name the United States or South Korea directly, Kim spoke of military capabilities. He said Pyongyang would continue to work to increase its military capabilities this year. He said the move was prompted by military instability on the Korean Peninsula and in the international arena.

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