11 amazing facts about Nezuko Kamado


Much misinformation and confusion are circulating when it comes to the Nezuko Kamado. Many people don’t know much about this unique and fantastic grill. To set the record straight, here are eleven amazing facts you need to know about Nezuko Kamado. So, in this article, we will tell you about these amazing facts that are essential for you to know.

1. Nezuko is not an ordinary Demon

Nezuko is a kind and caring Demon who was turned into a demon by the same demons who killed her parents and little brother. However, despite her new form, she still cares deeply for her family and friends. Even while turning into a demon, Nezuko retains her human mind throughout her demonic condition. She survives by sleeping instead of consuming human blood.

2. Nezuko is the only known Demon who doesn’t eat humans

Nezuko is the only Demon known not to consume human flesh or blood. While all other demons rely on a diet of human flesh and blood to survive, Nezuko instead sleeps for long periods. It is speculated that her body goes into a type of hibernation, which helps to explain why she doesn’t need to eat as much as other demons.

3. Nezuko is very fast and agile

Nezuko is incredibly fast and agile for her size. She has been seen leaping great distances and climbing walls with ease. Her speed and agility make her a difficult target for enemies to hit. Besides this, she is solid and has been known to quickly break through walls and doors.

4. Nezuko has superhuman strength

Nezuko possesses excellent physical power, far exceeding that of an average human. She has been seen lifting heavy objects and breaking through walls with ease. Her power is likely due to her demonic nature. With the help of superhuman strength, she can even fight on par with some of the strongest demons.

5. Nezuko is immune to fire

Nezuko is resistant to fire, meaning she can’t be burned by it. This is likely due to her thick fur, which protects her from the flames. However, she can still be hurt by other things, such as blunt force trauma. Her skin does offer some protection against these things as well. Besides this, Nezuko is also immune to most forms of poison.

6. Nezuko can control her transformation

Nezuko can control her transformation into a demon. While she is mostly in control of her demon form, there are times when she loses control and transforms involuntarily. However, she has shown the ability to change back to her human form. Other than this, Nezuko has also displayed the ability to assume a partial demon form, in which she retains her human mind and emotions.

7. Nezuko is very intelligent

Nezuko is shown to be very intelligent, despite her young age. She can understand and speak the human language fluently. Nezuko can also think strategically, as she devised a plan to rescue her brother Tanjiro from the demon-infested forest. Besides this, Nezuko is also shown to be very wise, as she deduced that the Demon who attacked her family was after Tanjiro.

8. Nezuko is very protective of her family

Nezuko is fiercely protective of her family, especially her brother Tanjiro. She was willing to risk her life to save him from the demons who killed their family. Nezuko is also very protective of her sister-in-law, as she kept her from being killed by a demon. Other than this, Nezuko is also shown to be protective of the other members of the Kamado family.

9. Color of her eyes changed after the transformation

Nezuko’s eyes were red at the beginning of the series, and she was assumed to be a human. Her eyes changed from red to pink after her family attacked her, and she became a demon. Typically, we would suppose that the eye color is the other way around, but her pink eyes show she has a demonic nature. You can notice that the Kimono of the Nezuko is pink, and this thing matches her pink eyes.

10. The average size of Nezuko is Petite

Nezuko, being a demon and all, is not of considerable size. However, in the Kamado family, she was an average size. But after her transformation, she became smaller in size and pretty much petite. You can see that the other demons are quite large in comparison to her, but she doesn’t let her size affect her fighting capabilities.

11. Her voice changes after the transformation

Nezuko’s voice changes after her transformation into a demon. In her human form, she had a pretty high-pitched voice. However, her voice became more profound and mature after becoming a demon. This is likely because she is now a demon. However, she can still speak in her human voice if she wants to.


We hope that after reading this article, you now know a lot more about the Nezuko Kamado. This fantastic grill is worth your investment, so don’t hesitate to get one for your backyard or patio. The Nezuko Kamado will become your favorite grilling companion with its unique features and excellent performance.

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