Warner-Marsh's batting T20 World Cup in Australia

New Zealand fail to reach final again, new T20 champions Australia


Kane Williamson played great. The captain’s 75 off 46 balls in an innings brought New Zealand a fighting collection. But at the end of the day, David Warner and Mitchell Marsh proved that the Kiwi captain’s innings was not enough. The captain played alone, but no one could accompany him that way. New Zealand could not take the collection beyond the reach of Australia. A pair of Warner and Marsh are Australian in Kellaf. Australia declared the World Cup final ‘one-sided’ and declared themselves the new T20 champions in Dubai. New Zealand lost by 8 wickets in the final of another ICC tournament.

Anyone can be sorry for the Kiwis. They are the only team to have lost in three consecutive finals in limited overs cricket. New Zealand’s final rate began in 2015 when they surrendered to Australia. Then, in that dramatic final at Lord’s two years ago against England, the pain of dream-breaking for a while. Despite being the world champion of Tests in the middle, this time the title of T20 remained elusive for them. Kane Williamson’s team, which reached the final after playing great cricket, had no shortage of betting people. But without the captain in the final, the New Zealand team has no performance to speak of. With a capital of 162 runs, Trent Bolt, who has been attracting the attention of the cricket world for so long, was helpless in front of Warner-Marsh. The Australian batsmen – David Warner and Mitchell Marsh – flew New Zealand with the bat. Warner was aggressive from the start — hitting four boundaries and hitting 53 off 36 balls with three sixes. Marsh hit 6 fours and 4 sixes off 50 balls to end the unbeaten run.

Batting first, New Zealand’s collection of 182 runs was challenging. The run chase was not easy for Australia considering New Zealand’s fielding-bowling. However, the manner in which they chased down Pakistan’s 16-run stand in the second semifinal should not lack confidence. This is where Australia started against New Zealand today, right where they ended up against Pakistan. The only difference is the difference. Marcus Stones and Matthew Wade took on the responsibility of helping Australia win the semi-final against Pakistan. David Warner took it from the beginning today. If the return of captain Aaron Finch for 15 runs in the middle is a push, then the Australians did not have a single problem to handle that push. Warner’s partner is Mitchell Marsh. Together, the two seemed to be playing with New Zealand’s bowling attack. They continued to run with such difficulty against Bolt, Saudi, Milne, Santners, the final game seemed to be ten more ordinary games. Warner and Marsh’s bat absorbed the excitement of the final long ago with an impossible feat. The matter became clear long before the end of the match. New Zealand cricketers should also start watching, their own tragedy in another global final.

New Zealand lost the toss and elected to bat. Did the toss decide the fate of the final like other matches in this year’s T20 World Cup! This time the team that won the toss has finally won in 10 out of 12 matches in the World Cup. Today, Australia also felt lucky to have won the toss. However, New Zealand did not make a bad start in batting. Scoreboard 26 runs before the end of 3 overs — the start was good enough. But when Daryl Mitchell was caught by Josh Hazlewood behind the wicket by Matthew Wade, it was from there that the New Zealand disaster began. After Mitchell’s return, Martin Guptill, who was at the other end of the crease, also seemed to have lost his temper. Exactly ‘Guptill-cheap’ innings was not seen from his bat. However, at number three, captain Kane Williamson stepped down and took all the responsibility on his shoulders. Realizing that Guptill was not in form, Williamson seemed to want to go beyond his usual batting. Greatly finding the gaps in the Australian fielding position and hitting the boundary. Despite Guptill’s lackluster run, New Zealand’s run wheel remained active. Guptill made a pair of 48 runs from 45 balls – but Guptill could not get that advantage even in the shadow of the captain – he scored 26 runs out. But he played this innings with 35 balls.

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