New to Fantasy Sports? Here’s Fantasy Cricket Guide For Beginners


In the era of the smartphone, various mobile games have become popular. But do you know the most trending skill-based game?

Fantasy Sports!!

I am sure you must have come across this term many times, be it through your friend, social media or news article. So let’s first understand what fantasy games are!

Fantasy games are skill-based games that need knowledge, interpretation, critical thinking and decision making as the key element to any fantasy game.

Fantasy sports is where you make a virtual team of players of your choice and win based on their performance in the real-time tournament.

No! it is not a game of luck, as often misinterpreted. It is a skill-based virtual sports game where you pick real players and create a virtual team on the fantasy gaming site based on your knowledge. You earn virtual points based on how the selected player performs in a real-time match. You need to study the game format, know the opposition team, tournament details, players past performance and other details to create the right team. Unlike the game of luck where your fortune decides your victory, you can secure a win through the right analysis and study in fantasy sports.

In India, the fantasy sports platform offers varied alternatives from Football, Basketball, Kabaddi and more. But one particular fantasy sport has obtained a lot of popularity in India – Fantasy Cricket!!

Rise of Fantasy Cricket in India –

India is a cricket fanatic country. Surprisingly, cricket is not even the national sport of the country but is enjoyed by every culture and in every state here. The sport is celebrated amongst men and has also become popular among women giving rise to Women’s Cricket. In 2005, the IWCC (International Women’s Cricket Council) was merged with ICC when the demand for women’s cricket escalated.

Well, that was not the only change. Love for cricket has also broken the boundary barriers of playing for only one’s country and uniting players.

Apart from ICC International format and Asia Cup, T20 & T10 league formats have been adopted worldwide, wherein, International and Domestic players get together playing as a team. 

Indian Premier League is one much popular T20 format game. IPL has raised the interest in fantasy cricket in India drastically. Talking of which, now that you know what fantasy games are and how fantasy sports app evolved, here are some fantasy cricket game guidelines for beginners:

1. Knowledge is the root –

Fantasy cricket online is a cricket tournament-based game where you pick a match, form a virtual team and earn points for every score your selected player make in real-time. The more you know about the game, players, recent format, past performances, opposing team, and venue, the better you can predict the winning players, hence the team. 

2. Skill-based game –

Knowledge is undoubtedly the base to play the game. But how to apply it is more important. Alone the knowledge of players, performance and game is not enough. 

This skill-based game is focused on all the factors like the opposition team, their strong players and the team you are selecting in contrast. Critical thinking involved after the toss results are announced. When you need to make last moment changes in the team depending on the bowling vs batting. 

The decision also relies on the pitch and weather conditions. Example – Although rains are not favourable for the game, the weather is more difficult for the batsman to score than bowlers. This gives the bowler an opportunity to score. Similarly, the pitch or venue has a massive impact on the game as players perform much better in their native place than in another land. 

3. Virtual team –

Know that the team you select is virtual, which allows you to select your trusted cricketer. However, don’t be blinded by your favourite player. It is an unpredictable sport where a lot depends on game format rather than players history. Again, it is a physical sport where getting injured is common. So it would be best if you stay updated about players recent performance, news and form before making the team. 

4. Matches of your choice –

The beauty of fantasy cricket is that you can play any match from around the world. Apps like FSL11 offer a wide range of match format and tournaments to select from. Short leagues like the Indian Premier League, Caribbean Premier League, ECS T10 series and kind. Also, from international tournaments like ICC world cup, test series, Asian Cup and so on. So, try to explore and play.

5. Create multiple teams –

A lot of fantasy cricket sites allow the player to create multiple teams. This not only increases your odds to win but also lets you explore your cricket analytical skills and claim your decisions.

6. Learn the point system –

Every game has a different points system. In FSL11, you can select a Captain and Vice-Captain. The captain receives 2 times the points while the vice-captain receives 1.5 times the points. So choose them wisely.

7. Enjoy with friends and family –

The best part of FSL11 is, it has reconnected old networks during the pandemic as it can be played with friends and family sitting in the room next door or in another state, or you can also challenge the crowd. The game allows you to explore your analytical skill by putting your critical thinking and decision making to the test.

Why FSL11?

FSL11 is the best fantasy app that offers 500+ daily challenges to choose from while allowing you to earn money based on your analytic skills. It is the most accessible game for cricket fans or non-cricket followers, with exclusive features and daily offers.

For all the cricket followers who love cricket. Download fantasy sports app, FSL11 platform, and win daily rewards. Let the entertainment of cricket stream from a match to a virtual gaming experience and win.

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