Worn out on going to bars and bars to go through the end of the week and need something more useful and regular to invest your energy with. Trekking is the perfect thing for you to do as it’ll invigorate your care and body and remove you from the pressure and repetitive way of life of urban areas. Searching for a short unwinding and a touch of courageous objective for going through the end of the week can be hard.

There are such countless choices however everything has a few or the other issue with it. From being far and being dull and some of the time being costly as well, it’s truly hard to track down an ideal end of the week spot for yourself for the end of the week. Needing to begin your experience in the field of Himalayan Trekking can be troublesome. Burnt out on going to bars and bars to go through the end of the week and need something more useful and normal to invest your energy with. Trekking is the perfect thing for you to do as it’ll invigorate your care and body and remove you from the pressure and tedious way of life of urban areas.

Some popular treks accessible in the Himalayas are Kedarkantha, Brahmatal, Kuari Pass, Hampta Pass, Rupin Pass, Chopta Chandrashila, Bali Pass, and so forth. Yet, out of all, just kedarkantha and Brahmatal are open for trek throughout the colder time of year season and the rest are shut because of weighty snowfall. 


This is the place where Nag Tibba trek comes into the picture. It is an exceptionally well known trek in the trekking circle as it is viewed as the best trek for the amateurs which offers the trekkers each and every thing they desire to get on a trek and that too without that a lot of hustle.

It is kept in the class of simple trek however it is quite difficult and requires great actual wellbeing to the highest point. The territory has various segments which are simple and plain now and again yet some of the time it’s precarious and hard shakes coming. Throughout the colder time of year and post winter season you’ll encounter snow on the path too which makes it somewhat trickier to navigate through. Throughout the mid year season the temperatures are very quiet around the scope of 25-30°C with a totally clear and all around laid path to trek and totally get sees free from Dhauladhar Ranges.

It may very well be tiring as the sun gets right at top of you and there’s no shade to stow away. Throughout the colder time of year, there’s a snow cover up and down the path which makes it a smidgen more hard for the individuals who have never been on frigid path. Be that as it may, the perspectives on arriving at the top are simply glorious and dazzling as you have a total 360° of enormous and snow loaded Dhauladhar Ranges.

Regarding The Trek

Nag tibba trek is roosted at a height of 9,910ft and Serpent top being the most elevated in the Garhwal Himalayas in the Uttarakhand area. The trek begins from a spot which lies only 3 hours drive in front of the renowned slope station and prominently known as The Queen Of Hills, Mussoorie.

The trek brings a ton to the table to the trekkers as the temperatures are charming in the colder time of year season with snow loaded path and applauded mountains. It is probably the best trek for novices as the trouble level of the trek is very simple and should be possible with practically no much related knowledge in the trekking circle.

The absolute distance that you will cover over the trek is 25km which is a lot of ideal for an amateur trek. You have a choice of two courses for the trek, one from the Patwari town and the other one from Auntar town. These both fill in as the base town for this trek.

The path is delicate toward the beginning and gets somewhat more extreme in certain parts till the time you arrive at a peaceful little town of Goat. Later in this town you’ll enter the woodland segment where the tremendous Deodar trees will overwhelm you in their arms and their foggy smell will leave you entranced. The perspectives are excellent and will unquestionably leave you shocked for what you can get such perspectives even on such a little and simple trek.

The most awesome aspect of the Nag Tibba trek is that you’ll travel an alternate course in transit down than the manner in which you took going up which makes this trek much more fascinating and exciting.

Instructions To Reach Nag Tibba

You can begin the nag tibba trek from any of the two towns of Auntar and Patwari with later being more renowned when compared.nIt is simply on the upper slopes of Mussoorie which is an exceptionally well known slope station close to Dehradun.

You can take direct transports from Delhi and Chandigarh as they are oftentimes accessible short-term. Mussoorie itself brings such countless things to the table that it is an incredibly famous vacationer location in Uttarakhand and particularly in the cold weather months when the snow hits the ground. The spot is effectively open through open and private vehicles as the streets are basically kept up with and can be driven easily.

It is only an ideal beginning for the ones who are hoping to launch their trekking game in the Himalayas. This likewise fills in as the ideal end of the week escape for working experts who look for experience and harmony too from a short and tranquil end of the week. Assuming you are a movement oddity and searching for an escape spot then this is customized for you.

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