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Moving Pets To Singapore -Things You Should Know Before Hiring Pet Movers


Moving your pets to Singapore may not fall under your list of most exciting activities, but if you plan to do it, there are some things you need to know before hiring pet movers. In addition, there are specific regulations for moving pets that may surprise you. However, you can overcome these problems by hiring an expert pet moving company. 

These experts can make transporting your pets simple and secure for you. But finding the best pet movers is not an easy task for beginners. To help you find the best pet movers, a few important pointers are detailed here for you:

Safety of Your Pets

A pet moving company should have the right regulatory certification to ensure that your pets are transported safely. The right certification will also indicate that the company is well aware of all transportation rules and compliance that apply in your area. 

It may not be a problem if you are moving pets within the same location. But if you plan to move your pets internationally, you need to have them transported by trained and certified pet relocation professionals like


Get information about various pet-shipping companies available in your area before hiring any one of them for moving your pets to Singapore. Visit their websites and compare their services with that of other companies. 

If you are want to hire a pet mover, make sure to include accreditation on top. You should always find out more about the credibility of pet movers before hiring them. Find out if the pet shipping company has the proper insurance cover for its services.


A company that has been in the business for years is bound to have the right kind of experience when moving pets. You can also ask for referrals from friends who have previously used the services of any pet shipping company. Further, you can also check online reviews or “trust-marks” given by regulatory bodies against any pet shipping company you are considering.


Ask around about the reputations of pet shipping companies before hiring any one of them. Already, you can learn a lot about pet moving companies from their reputation with other pet owners. 

You can also get some ideas about other pet owners who have used your pet movers in the past by asking around. If your company is not offering the shortest route, make sure that they give an affordable rate per hour.


During the transportation of your pets, there are always possibilities of emergencies that might lead to injured animals, damage to containers, or loss of vital documents during transit. Therefore, it is better to have insurance cover for your pets and yourself in such cases. Check if the pet shipping company you hire has insurance cover for both the pets and their owners.

You will be able to overcome all kinds of problems related to pet transportation if you hire an expert pet moving company. After locating the right pet movers for your job, you will be able to move your pets easily and securely. 

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