Main types of traffic cones


People who live in large urban centers are used to finding traffic cones, normally used to signal pedestrians and drivers. It is a safe and quick way to highlight accidents, laws or just guide those who are passing through the place. Traffic cones are also used on roads that pass through states, but are more common on streets for people’s orientation. It is a safe form of signage, because many cones are known worldwide.

If you drive or plan to start driving, you will need to learn about traffic rules; this includes traffic cones. If you witness an accident, there are specific cones that will help you to recognize a risky place or a place where an accident between cars, motorcycles or involving pedestrians happened. Cones are part of the traffic routine, so it is very common to learn about their meanings and uses in driving lessons.

In this article, we will cover the most popular types of traffic cones and explain in which contexts you can find them. In the topics below, you will learn more about traffic rules and how to follow the most basic safety laws that guarantee the well-being of drivers and pedestrians, so pay attention to our tips below and try to apply them in your daily life.

Cone with colored bands

Colored or banded lane cones that are visible in car light are very common at night. This type of cone is used to signal an accident, the presence of workers on the road or to block the passage of cars. It is a way of indicating that a certain place is restricted, and the colored or bright bands serve for better signaling at night. So, if you are driving at night or being a passenger, when you see this type of cone, know that it is because the place is restricted or that the driver should drive slowly.

Stop cone

The stop cone is one of the best known in traffic rules. Its popularity is due to the clear and objective message that the object conveys. When the driver sees the stop cone, it is because driving must be stopped immediately. Generally, this type of cone is used in places where accidents have happened, places where work is taking place or which are potentially dangerous. In many cases, after a traffic accident or natural disaster, it is very common to use the stop cone to protect drivers.

Vertical cones

Vertical cones are common for pedestrians, it is very rare to find a vertical cone on roads, but not impossible. Normally, this type of cone is used to signal a risk area, for example, places where works are taking place or where an accident has occurred or is at risk of an accident. For pedestrians, these cones are on the sidewalks, places that have more concentration of people and are easier to see. Because of the ease of location, this type of cone avoids major accidents.

In this article, we covered the main styles of traffic cones and how to identify them. The tips are for both drivers and pedestrians: if you’re driving, you can apply some of our instructions; if you’re just walking on the street, it’s also possible to identify the signs and put into practice what has been discussed. It is proof that traffic cones are not just for drivers, because traffic is made up of pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists. For traffic functioning, we must understand the rules and apply them as a social set.

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