It will not cost any money to buy footballers from tomorrow


2021 is coming to an end and after a while. Everyone is eagerly waiting to welcome the new year. Football fans are counting the moments for tomorrow. Because, the winter shift that will start tomorrow. For a month from tomorrow, discussions will start again about the change of players. Fans will spend every moment hoping to get the news of their favorite player joining their club.

Not everyone will change teams this January. Many big stars are not interested in changing teams in January. At this stage of the season, in a new club, it is difficult to adapt to the new environment. However, some big names will be in the discussion this time. Because, the contract of many with the current club will end in June 2022. As a result, the players will be able to sign a contract with any other club from tomorrow if they want. Their current club will not be able to stand in the way.

Something like this can be seen in every season. The players continue to bargain for the contract with the club. It is seen that even after going to January, the two sides cannot agree. And then another club trying to take a chance. Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos, David Alaba, Giorgio Vinaldo or Gianluigi Donnarummara could talk to other clubs as they wanted last season. He could have made a pre-agreement with any team if he wanted. But everyone is waiting until the end of the season to announce the new team. News of Alabar joining Real Madrid has been circulating among them since the transfer in January. However, neither Real nor Alaba agreed to a deal in January.

All the big names like this season will be able to talk to other clubs in January. Killian Mbappe is first of all. The French forward wanted to leave PSG this season. But his club did not agree to release the 23-year-old. Mbappe openly wanted to go to Real Madrid. The World Cup winning forward will be able to sign a contract with Real if he wants from tomorrow.

However, Mbappe will face Real in PSG jersey in the Champions League in February. Mbappe has already said that he understands that it is wrong to announce the change of club in this situation, he will not decide to change the team in January.
His national teammate Usman Dembele may have to make the final decision this January, even if he doesn’t take on Mbappe. Barcelona wanted to shape the future around this winger. But Barcelona are furious that Dembele has demanded incredible salaries and allowances in a new deal. Proposal to renew the contract has been postponed. Now the club wants to sell him as soon as possible.

Saudi-owned Newcastle United are keen to get Dembele. However, clubs like PSG and Juventus also want to get Dembele. In that case, of course, he will have to wait six months. However, if you want, you can talk to these two clubs from tomorrow.

There is another French star who is a big star but can leave the team for free – Paul Pogba. Pogbar’s contract with Manchester United, which set a world record in 2017, is also coming to an end. His behavior, and that of his agent Mino Raiola, suggest that a new deal with United is unlikely. Pogba had long dreamed of moving to Real Madrid. Real also wanted to get him for four years. But Real’s current coaching staff is no longer interested in Pogba. His old club Juventus and French club PSGE are ahead in the race to get the 26-year-old.

Real wants to get free players next season after Alaba this season. In addition to Mbappe, they have Antonio Rudigar in their sights. The Blues do not want to pay the salary that the Chelsea German defender wants in the new contract. Real wants to take this opportunity. The same is true of Napoli’s Lorenzo Insignia. The Italian winger will leave Napoli, it is almost certain. There are rumors that three clubs are interested in getting him.

One more goal scoring winger will be able to talk to another club from tomorrow. Paolo DiBalla was supposed to be the main star of Juventus after Ronaldo left. Juve coach Massimiliano Allegri also likes him very much. But Dibala’s contract has not been renewed yet. According to the Italian media, Juventus is also hesitant to renew his contract with Dibala, who is suffering from one injury after another and is suffering from lack of continuity! It remains to be seen whether Juventus will allow the 50-million-euro Argentine forward to leave for free in January.

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