De Young

It looks like Dee Young is coming down with a sack of potatoes on his back


Barcelona were eliminated from the Champions League last night. As the Catalan club is playing this season, it is difficult to find anyone who is too surprised. Barcelona has scored only 2 goals in 6 matches in the group. Like the forwards, the failed Bar্সa midfield and defense. In the last few days, Frankie de Young has shed a little light on this.

The Dutch midfielder was dull last night. It didn’t look like he was playing, there was a time when the struggle to get this midfielder fell among the superpowers of Europe. He is being criticized for watching yesterday’s performance. As is the case with Spanish teams, foreign players are often the target of criticism.

However, the people of his country are disappointed with De Young. It’s not as if people are the only ones, the predecessors of the Netherlands national team are worried about De Young. Looking at this midfielder, it seems that he is coming on the field with a 50 kg sack of potatoes on his back!

In 2019, Barcelona took De Young from Ajax for 66 million euros. De Aung, who controlled the midfield game for Ajax, occasionally showed his ability but never showed the full game. The first few matches under Xavi were shining again. But there was no way to recognize him by watching his game tomorrow. Former Dutch defender Ron Vlaar is worried, “Now he’s playing like this, it looks like he’s got a 50kg bag of potatoes on his back.” We all know what he can give, but this team can’t show it. He’s playing in the wrong place. “

The former Aston Villa defender’s idea is that De Young should leave Barcelona and join another team now. Vlar says the 24-year-old is deeply sorry for his decision to leave Ajax and choose Barcelona. “I think he’s scratching his head at the decision he’s made,” she told RTLSeven. He could have gone to Bayern Munich. What do you think, he would not have played differently in Bayern Munich? Ajax used to do that. Going to such a team made a mistake. He doesn’t have that team in Barcelona now and they can’t afford it. ‘

Former Liverpool forward Dirk Kout is also frustrated with De Young’s game, saying, “He has the power to change the game all the time. I would have been happy if he had played a little further. It would be nice to be in a position to score goals. But he did not go to the place to take the shot. It would be nice to see him in it again, because he used to do it all the time. He’s a great player, he’s one of the best in Europe. “

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