In West Bengal, Kolkata tops in diabetes, Jalpaiguri in high blood pressure


Kolkata is at the top in terms of the number of diabetic patients in West Bengal. On the other hand, most of the patients with high blood pressure are in Jalpaiguri. Information that has emerged as the health department of West Bengal.

According to the state health department, 31 per cent of Kolkata’s population is diabetic. And 20 percent of the people in Jalpaiguri are suffering from high blood pressure. Purulia and Jhargram have the lowest rates of diabetes and hypertension among the 23 districts of the state.

According to the health department, from April 2020 to March 2021, the blood pressure of 16 lakh 96 thousand 749 residents of the state has been tested. 13 lakh 94 thousand 15 people have been tested for diabetes. Of these, 3 lakh 4 thousand 156 people have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. On the other hand, 1 lakh 93 thousand 113 people have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Apart from Kolkata and Jalpaiguri, Nadia, Murshidabad, East Burdwan and South 24 Parganas of the state have the highest number of patients suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. The incidence of these two diseases is less in Purulia, Jhargram, Kalimpong, West Burdwan, Darjeeling, Birbhum and North 24 Parganas. Alipurduar, North Dinajpur, South Dinajpur, Howrah and East and West Midnapore districts have the highest number of high blood pressure patients only.

According to the 2016 Global Burden of Disease Study-2017, India has the highest number of high blood pressure patients in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Rajasthan and Haryana have the lowest number of cases.

Mainly, high blood pressure is considered as the other name of hypertension and also the prime cause. Hypertension is undoubtedly one of those diseases that most of the people usually suffer from. Due to educational pressure, high amount of professional stress or any other family or personal issues, a gigantic number of people suffer from hypertension and there hardly a few treatments for it. Hypertension may cause several other physical issues such as extra tiredness, headache, shortness of breath etc.

This fact sheet provides information on key indicators and trends for Jalpaiguri. NFHS-4 fieldwork for West Bengal was conducted from 25 February 2015 to 21 July 2015 by Vimarsh Development Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (VIMARSH). In Jalpaiguri, information was gathered from 808 households, 899 women, and 124 men. The fact sheet shows information for rural areas and the district as a whole because Jalpaiguri has more than 70% rural households, which provides a sufficiently large sample to produce reliable estimates of most indicators for rural areas.

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