In The Small World of Scale


There are so many fun things in the world. One of the funniest things is scale modeling. Those who have little knowledge of this subject know it well, it is a funny thing. Scale modeling may seem a bit complicated to many, but it is not. To put it bluntly, a small replica of an original thing. The more accurate this replica is, the more beautiful the scale model will be. Anything can be a scale model. The small model that architects make after designing an installation is actually a scale model. Small size portrait of the original installation.

He understood, but for those who have not studied architecture, what is the way? They have no worries. Companies like Airfix, Revel have released different types of scale model kits in the market. This kit contains small parts of the main thing, color, decal and instruction manual. Let me open the matter a little.

Suppose you buy an airplane scale model kit from the market. Then in this model kit you will find different parts of the aircraft including cockpit, wings, body (called fuselage), landing gear. Such kits can be made of plastic or metal. Now all the parts have to be separated before they can be put together. You will then find instructions on how to attach which to which in the guide or instruction manual. Apart from this, you will also find in the manual what color and what decal will fit in any place. Talking about color and decal a little later.

It is not a scale model if the different parts are joined together according to the instructions. Because, the parts are usually one color (white, blue or green). If you look at the thing after making it, it will look like it has just been taken out of the factory, it has not been painted yet. It becomes a scale model when the right thing is given the right shade of color in the right place and all the signs, flags, markings are put in the right place. In this case, color and decal are very important. It takes at least four times more time to color and decal than to model by attaching parts.

The more scale and detail of the thing that is being scaled, the better the scale model. In fact, if you do not use the color shade where the color is used, it is not the correct scale model. Our eyes are very sensitive. At a glance we can tell the difference between a good scale model and another bad scale model. After adjusting the color comes the matter of decal. The decal is a lot like a sticker. But there is no glue like sticker on the back.

The decals that come with the model kit are active in water. That is, if you soak it in water and apply it on the spot and then rub it, the white part of the bottom will come up and the decal will stick. There is no alternative to decal if the font, size, color etc. of logo, sign, letter or number marking etc. are displayed on the scale model. Because, if you draw these by hand, life will not be as good as the original, It must be nineteen or twenty. Even in the real world, computer-designed decals are used in many places.

It takes some equipment to make the perfect scale model. Such as: Hobby Knife, gelatin paper, glue. But the biggest challenge in Bangladesh is to get a scale model. In Bangladesh.

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