How to make the best wholesale linesheet template:


A line sheet is a document that has a direct impact on your product sales. Maximum attention is necessary when choosing the sales sheet for your business. You can download a pre-designed wholesale line sheet template. By doing so, you lose the factor of uniqueness in your design because many other users may be using the same template for their products.

It is more beneficial to create your line sheet from scratch. You don’t need any graphic designing experience if you use the right tool. A custom line sheet ensures that it stands out from other competitors. Here I will teach you how you can create a line sheet template from scratch. The website that I will be using


  • Usually, a line sheet has the dimensions of the printable A4 page.
  • The page orientation (landscape or portrait) depends on the number of products placed on the sheet.
    • A landscape sheet contains fewer products per page but more information.
    • A Portrait has more products per page but lesser specifications.
  • By default, the page background is white, but you can choose your color from a wide variety of available colors.
  • Next, you should insert the header to the page. The header page includes a brand logo, brand name, and the brand slogan (if any).
    • You can upload your custom logo and the brand font.
    • You should include page numbering for better document management.
  • A short introduction of your company and product should be included at the very start of the sheet
  • Next, you need to allocate space for your products. It should be enough for a high-quality image as well as the information (Specs).
    • g. 3 products sheet has 3(columns) x 1 ( rows) (sub-divided these rows into 2 or more columns).

Template Layout:

Now that our wholesale sheet template looks more workable. The next step is to label the allocated spaces.

You should use a unique font, which easy to read. It also plays a vital role in brand recognition.

  • First of all, you need to enlist all your products on a page with a pen.
    • Decide which product deserves to come first, second, and so on.
    • Place the products in ascending order from best to lower quality.
  • Now that you have a list write down only the names of the products on your sheet from first to last.
    • The names should be in Bold and larger font for better readability.
  • Next, start creating labels for all the specifications to include in the line sheet.
    • The labels differ from product to product.
    • For a cellphone brand, you need to add color, RAM, ROM, OS, chipset,etc.
  • Create contact information heading at the very end of the sheet. Provide enough spacefor all the details (3-4 lines at least).


Becareful about what information to include in the sheet. A perfect line sheet contains only the required information.

  • Add pictures above the product names accordingly:
    • You can easily upload these pictures.
    • Make sure that all the images are of high resolution and the same size.
  • Add information against the labeled rows. Make sure to write only precise values,not sentences.
    • The price (retail and wholesale) should be bold font and large font size.
  • The last step is to include your contact information at the end of the document.
    • Be sure to add your name and brand name in bold letters and a bigger font size.
    • Write other information such as contact number, email address, postal address, website, etc., in separate lines.

Now you have your own unique wholesale line sheet which is ready to print and distribute among customers.

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