Goku – And Earth's Mightiest Defender

Goku – An Earth’s Mightiest Defender


If you are here, you are the one who loves or an old Dragon Ball fan. Maybe you want to remember some of the best things about Goku, and that’s exactly right. On the other hand, you may be a younger anime fan, too young to see Dragonball when it aired or releases. However, you recognize a good anime when you see it, and Dragon Ball can be considered part of that list.

Dragon Ball was innovative. That’s why so many people have loved dragon ball since the very beginning. It’s about combat, transformations, and villains. Later, some Dragon Ball fans criticized it when new villains appeared repeatedly, and the plot repeated itself. 

Characteristics of Goku

Goku is the best, and his friends try to fight whatever villain wants to destroy Goku, Earth, or Dragons. When his friends can’t fight anymore, Goku starts his business. No doubt, the fights are amazing, but some fans don’t believe it’s enough. At the same time, one of the things that made Dragon Ball so great is its characters. You can’t get bored with them. 

You have Goku, who is naive and loves to train; on the other hand, you have Vegeta, who is arrogant and ambitious. They can be compared to the anime version of Messi and Cristiano. The plot gets even more intriguing in Dragon Ball Z, where you find out that Goku is a Saiyan, and some people want to kill him for the same reason, starting with his brother – Raditz.

You can have comic relief like Yamcha and Krillin. A girlfriend is starting with Bulma and Chichi. And let’s not go into detail about the villains. Almost every villain in Dragon Ball has reasons and ways to do their thing and achieve what they want. It’s impressive!

However, today you will know about the main character, the son of Goku. He has achieved a lot since he was a child. You saw him grow up and start a family, and you couldn’t be happier. Let’s talk about him in detail. 

Who is Goku?

He is the main character in Dragon Ball, divided into Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball CT. Over time, you see Goku training, fighting, and achieving new transformations. At first, Goku is introduced as a human, even if he has a distinctive Saiyan monkey tail. In Dragon Ball Z, you learn that he is a Saiyan. 

He was supposed to eliminate the Earth and its population, but he lost his memory as a child. As a consequence of this, the Saiyan traits that made him aggressive and rude have entirely disappeared. You see how adorable Goku is as a child, nothing like his Saiyan ancestors.

Why is Goku so different from other Saiyans?

He was initially sent to conquer Earth. It was only natural since the Sayazins are a race full of fighters ready to fight and destroy. However, he gets amnesia after his head is damaged, and for the same reason, he loses all memories of wanting to destroy the Earth. This is the main reason why he is the way he is. Kind and contrary to what he was taught to do.

However, his memory loss did not deprive him of his Saiyan powers. He can fly, fight, and achieve various transformations of Sayagin. What changed most about him was that instead of wanting to destroy the Earth, he now tried to save it. Goku is very strong-willed, and he will train and fight to become the best warrior in the world. 

He already has an advantage in his Saiyan heritage, but how powerful he has been achieved is because of how determined he was to be the best. All this allows him to save the Earth from any enemy who would like to destroy it.

Who gave Goku his name?

When he arrives on Earth, the one who adopted him is the man the series refers to as Grandpa Gohan. This person is the one who gives him the name Goku’s son. However, as the series progresses, you learn his real name is Kakarot. This unique name makes you laugh a lot at the original name. However, almost no one calls it that way. 

The only one who insists on calling him is Vegeta, mainly because he was raised like a prince. This is because he says that this is his real name and is “correct.”His friends call him Goku.

What inspired Toriyama to create Goku?

Since Goku is an expert in martial arts, Toriyama has taken inspiration from various martial arts films, most notably Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Also, Dragon Ball was supposed to be based on the Chinese book Journey to the West. As you know, Dragon Ball has dramatically expanded its universe, and there are several differences between this new and dragon ball.

In the book, the main character is Sun Wukong. When you say it, you will understand that it sounds like Goku’s son. Some similarities between this character and Goku are, for example, some possessions such as a flying nimbus. It might sound crazy to think about it, but Goku must have been a complete monkey since Sun Wukong is also alone. 

But it was the first project, and the second early concept of Goku was already a man. His original name, Kakarota, is what assimilates the word “carrot” in English. Toriyama likes to play with surnames, so it’s only natural that he gave the Saiyans a specific theme to follow vegetables.


It is all about the Goku. The change in Goku’s personality regarding the anime is that Toriyama created him, intending to make him someone who only fights because he wants to and thinks it’s fun. This is also why MangakaMangaka believes that some of the fights in the anime were changed to make Goku look mostly heroic when that wasn’t Akira’s goal. The MangakaMangaka thinks that Goku might be what you would call “toxic” from time to time today.

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