December Global Holidays in World and Symbolism

December Global Holidays in World and Symbolism

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There is no doubt that December is known as the month of festivities as it holds many festivals and events. These involve cultural, religious, and some corporate events.

In this blog, you will learn about some iconic festivals and events related to December global holidays. Not only this, it tells you about the symbolism.  


The Israel and Jewish communities of the entire world celebrate this religious Festival to re-dedicate the Jerusalem temple. It began from November 28 to December 6. It is also known as the Festival of lights or “Chanukah.” 

This Festival involves candle lighting throughout the night for eight consecutive days. Besides, these communities celebrate it by singing certain songs like MaĆ³z Tzur and also performing Hallel prayer as tribute. They exchange presents and make donuts filled with jam and potato pancakes, oil-dried food. 

World AIDS Day

The second most known day of the December global holidays involves World AIDS Day. It is to raise awareness related to the deadliest disease HIV/AIDS. Therefore, it was placed in the category of health and was held on December 1. 

The excellent idea of this day was first given by Thomas Netter and James W. Bunn in 1987. It involves the awareness among those unfamiliar with the spread and clear many myths. 

Through many methods, World AIDS Day is being commemorated, which involves the NGO’s seminars, visiting orphan and destitute children who suffer from this deadliest disease, and funding for safe physical relations. 

Santa Lucia

It is a religious event held on December 13, which is for Lucia of Syracuse in Italy. She was a great personality who was put to death, known as Santa Lucia. 

The people of Italy don’t forget her and celebrate her martyr day as a symbol of hope and light on December 13. They mark the day by singing, processions, and concerts wearing white headdresses. 


The religious festival of the Christian community celebrates this sacred day on December 25. They do many activities and celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday. This day is not about to be held in a single region of the world, instead worldwide. 

It is the most popular holiday in December as Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the last true prophet of God sent to save man from sins. 

Christian communities do many activities to celebrate the day, such as giving presents to each other, making and eating cakes, and watching Christmas movies. 

New Years’ Evening

On the last day of December, there is a worldwide celebration waiting for all. People do various activities on this big day of the last month of the year, and they are not bound to celebrate it according to the given frame. 

In this way, some visit their religious places; some do fireworks and BBQ dinner, night outings, evenings in restaurants and pubs. 

Final Words

So, it is all about the December global holidays for various events and festivals. These are the few iconic holidays; others involve UAE’s National Day, Farmer’s day, and many more.

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