Chelsea did not allow Liverpool to win


Manchester City have come a long way in their fight for the Premier League title. With 53 points in 21 matches, they can be said to be out of reach for now. However, Liverpool and Chelsea are fighting for the second and third place in the points list. Both teams needed Sunday’s win at Stamford Bridge to get a little closer to City in that fight. But in a face-to-face fight, it is not possible for either team to win. Chelsea-Liverpool did not let anyone win, the match was drawn 2-2.

However, the city has benefited the most. After the draw, Chelsea are second in the Premier League with 43 points from 21 matches and Liverpool are third with 42 points from 20 matches. But after going through the first 10 rounds of the season, Chelsea was at the top of the points list, two points behind Liverpool. City were then at number three, five points behind Chelsea.

Liverpool went ahead in the 9th minute of the match at Stamford Bridge. Trevoh Shalabah fell to clear the cross head of Diego shoe. Sadio means get the ball. Chelsea goalkeeper Benjamin Mendy, who came out of the post, was caught and his shot went into the net. Mohammad Salah doubled the lead in the 28th minute. Salah got a long pass from Trent Alexander-Arnold from the right side. Chelsea goalkeeper Mendi was unable to block his left-footed shot that cut through the Chelsea defenders.

When the match seemed to be in Liverpool’s hands, Chelsea turned around with two goals in four minutes. In the 42nd minute, Marcos Alonso’s free-kick was cleared by Liverpool’s Irish goalkeeper Quiven Kelhar. But the ball went straight to the feet of Mateo Kovacic, who was standing near the boundary of the box. The Croatian midfielder reduced the gap to a great volley. Christian Pulisic equalized with a left-footed shot from Angolo Kant’s pass during the first half.

Mendi defended Chelsea twice in a row in the 57th and 58th minutes of the second half. At first Salah’s shot from a distance was blocked. Two minutes later, the Chelsea goalkeeper also blocked a quality shot taken in a one-two match with Salah. Chelsea got the chance. Kelhar saved Liverpool in the 62nd minute by blocking a police shot from Alonso’s cross. The match ended in a 2-2 draw as neither team could score in the second half.

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