Businessman arrested in Turkey on suspicion of plotting to assassinate former Haitian president


Turkey has arrested a man on suspicion of plotting to assassinate former Haitian president Jovenal Moisi. This information was given in the report of BBC online.

The suspect was arrested from Istanbul airport in Turkey last Monday, local time. He was reportedly arrested for questioning.

The name of the arrested person is Samir Handal. He is a businessman by profession. He was arrested while traveling in Turkey from the United States to Jordan.

Prior to his arrest, Samir had been living in Miami, USA. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

A Haitian doctor named Christian Emanuel Sanon was arrested in July this year on charges of involvement in the killings. There are allegations of Samir’s involvement with him.

Haitian Foreign Minister Claude Joseph thanked the Turkish Foreign Minister on Twitter for the arrest of Samir. However, he did not disclose the allegations against Samir.

Turkish authorities say an Interpol arrest warrant was issued against Samir. That is why he has been arrested.
On July 8, Haiti’s then-president Moisi was shot dead by gunmen at his residence in the capital, Port of Prince.

His wife Martin was seriously injured.

More than 40 people have been arrested so far in connection with Moisi’s murder. Many of those arrested are former members of the Colombian army. Many of them said they were hired for security work in Haiti. They were not informed of the plot to assassinate the president.

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