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Unique Trend to Follow-Barbie Bratz or Fairy

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If you want to take over the TikTok, nothing is better than Barbie Bratz Fairy TikTok. It categorised people into three classes: fairy-like folks, Barbie dolls, and Bratz dolls. It depends on the similarity. This article will teach you about this new trend on TikTok.

As there were many trends on TikTok, which did people follow to do such as shapeshifting and cartoons? But now, people are obsessed with this new and rising trend of Barbie Bratz or Fairy TikTok. This unique challenge is for female users. It asks the girl 8765to relate herself to various doll characters. 

This challenge has gained massive access by numerous female users. It elaborates day by day and reaches another social platform Twitter as trending. In this way, Twitter users also follow this trend and post their pictures asking their followers whether they belong to the specific Barbie character or not. Let’s move towards knowing how to become a part of this challenge. 

Detail about the Barbie Bratz or Fairy Challenge on the TikTok:

After the shapeshifting trend on TikTok, Barbie Bratz is now getting a place. This trend describes that there is always a fairy, Barbie and Bratz, in the trio-friend group. That’s why the female army is getting crazy while following the trend and asking them to let them know who they resemble the most. In response, people and fans tell them via comments to which one they relate. 

If you are an actual TikTok user, you watch videos and follow this trend. After watching catchy videos, you will believe that it is not wrong to think that every girl has one of these three categories of dolls. On the TikTok video platform, this incredible trend has earned up to 3.5 million views. 

Bratz Barbie Or Fairy TikTok

You will be amazed to know that some known heads also follow this trend. On the other hand, some users have mixed this viral Barbie, Bratz, and Fairy trend with the previous shape-shifting filter. People love this innovative idea and follow this mixed trend. It is great fun to know your character. 

Besides this, the most known TikTok user “Jennyarrieta01” has also taken part in this viral trend and asked their followers for resemblance. Many users think and comment that she resembles a Bratz doll character. She believes it is because of her giant head. 

How does this filter work?

TikTok has brought another notable trend to the table, and now it contains a mixture of pop culture and nostalgia allusions. All the users of the TikTok people make decisions to fall into three different categories, including Barbie, Bartz, and the Fairy. Now we will tell you how you can do this on TikTok.

After knowing this, you may want to follow this trend; the best way is to use the shapeshifting TikTok filter. To understand how it works, follow the given below steps, remember that you can perform this trend with the help of bratz barbie or fairy tiktok picture:

  • The first thing you have to do is Bratz Barbie or Fairy picture from the other videos; after taking the barbie bratz or fairy picture tiktok, you have to save it on the camera roll.
  • Now you have to open your TikTok application and then click on the “+” icon on the bottom side of the screen.
  • After this, you have to find the icon named “Effects” and another called “Shapeshifting.”
  • Select the barbie bratz or fairy tiktok picture you downloaded and hit the record button. The effect will “transform” your face into a character after the countdown is done.
  • You may also add your video to your page after you’ve finished it.


Whether you’re wondering if your old Bratz doll is still haunting you or whether you want to try the new filter on the TikTok, the shapeshifting effect is exciting and provides you the great fun. So, now you know very well about this new trend and how you can do this trend on TikTok.

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