Dani Alvez is returning to Barcelona

Alvez wants two or three hours to catch Messi


Many at his age got involved in coaching. But Dani Alvez is a man made in another way. Looking forward to playing at the age of 36. It was like seeing his smiling face during the official introduction of the Brazilian rightback in Barcelona yesterday.

While Alvez was waving in front of about 11,000 supporters at Camp Nou, many thought the Messi-Alvez duo had peeked out. There was a time!

Alvez was the source of most of Messi’s attacks on the right wing. The two have built a large part of Barca’s golden age in foot crafts. The friendship between the two is also great. Alvez, the most successful player in football history after winning 43 trophies, is definitely missing Messi after returning to Barca.

Yesterday, the issue of Messi’s return to Barca also came up during the introduction of Alvez. Scout Alvez’s answer to that question, he will be able to ‘catch’ Messi in two or three hours!

Messi riding on Alvez's shoulder. When the two play together at Barca

Alvez, who joined Barca in 2006, was not happy at all. The Brazilian right-back also spoke out against the board under Josep Maria Bartomeu at the time. But since Barca is the club of his life, Alvez could not lay down his life.

Alvez called Barca president Juan Laporta on the phone a few times. Since his one-time teammate at Camp Nou, Xavi Hernandez, is now the coach, Alvez has had no problem returning to Barca for the second time.

Barca brought Alvez after Xavi gave the green signal. Now, with the return of Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta, Bar পারবেa will be able to offer something different on their golden altar. Whether it will happen or not, will be understood in time.

However, the fact that Alvez is missing Messi was understood in his sense of humor. Who doesn’t know, Alvez had a great relationship with Messi at Barca. The Argentine star left Barca before this season and signed for PSG. That Barca, that Camp Nouall but Messi; This is difficult for Alvez to accept. Alvez tried to accept this reality with a subtle sense of humor. He said, “Give me two or three hours and I will be able to catch Messi.”

Alvez joked with the media and gave the former teammate the respect he deserved, “History has already been written. He will always be remembered. He is the best and the best teammate I have ever met. Everyone will miss the legends, that’s normal. And if you have a good relationship with him, then there is no point. It would have been incredible to have him here, but that is not happening. I’ve visited a lot of places, but it’s not like Barcelona. ‘

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