All you need to know about Navratna jewellery


n India, jewellery has never been just about style and accessorising. The tradition of wearing jewellery seeps so deeply that it almost symbolises our ethnicity and culture. Every region of the country is known for its native stones and jewellery styles and our ancient texts are rich with myths, stories, and legends associated with them. 

Out of all these, one term that has found its place in the modern woman’s jewellery box and vocabulary is ‘Navratna jewellery’. Not only did we hear our grandmothers and mothers talk about it but it also seems to have come back in style with aplomb.

Here’s everything that you need to know about this style of jewellery:

  • What are the Navratnas?

The term Navratna is derived from ancient Sanskrit and means ‘nine gems’, each revered for its power to influence the fate of the wearer. 

All the nine stones are said to be linked with the nine planets and include:

  1. Ruby (Manik): Sun
  2. Pearl (Moti): Moon
  3. Emerald (Panna): Mercury
  4. Diamond (Heera): Venus
  5. Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj): Jupiter
  6. Blue Sapphire (Neelam): Saturn
  7. Red Coral (Moonga): Mars
  8. Hessonite (Gomed): Rahu
  9. Cat’s Eye (Lehsuniya): Ketu

Navratna jewellery pieces are those that are created with these nine gems. Ruby is always placed in the centre and the rest of the stones are placed in clockwise direction, with the sapphire pointing towards your body. 

  • What are the benefits of wearing Navratna jewellery?

Each celestial body that these nine gems represent is said to have cosmic powers that affect the wearer both mentally and physically. Here are the benefits associated with the nine gems:

  1. Ruby brings in success, positivity, and power.
  2. Pearls make a person creative and emotionally stable.
  3. The diamond celebrates the feminine virtues and delivers marital bliss and undying love.
  4. Red corals boost self-confidence and make the wearer physically strong and more beautiful.
  5. The hessonite stone protects you from addictions and wards off the evil eye. 
  6. The Cat’s eye improves your reputation.
  7. Yellow sapphires bring your wealth and wisdom.
  8. Emeralds improve your concentration and intellect.
  9. The blue sapphires help cure depression and saves you from the evil eye. 
  • Which are the must-have Navratna jewellery pieces?

A Navratna jewellery piece with its stunning prism of nine beautiful colours is probably the most exquisite piece that you will ever own. Its elegant hues will help you stand out and boost your style.

These pieces not only look great with Indian dresses but also enhance the beauty of western attire. So, which are some of the must-have pieces?

  • Navratna necklaces are the latest trend that everyone just loves. The most popular style being Navratna choker necklaces. These eye-catching necklaces are available in gold and jadau polka. For more formal occasions, you can opt for daily use gold necklaces. These are usually single-string necklaces that can be styled with your everyday wear.
  • Navratna earrings in geometric patterns or cuff patterns. To play with the colours, opt for oversized earrings. Women are supposed to wear these on their left hand.
  • Cocktail rings with Navratna stones that look classy and elegant.
  • Precious Navratna pendants in sterling silver or gold.

Why choose a single gemstone when you can have them all studded in your Navratna jewellery pieces. So, go ahead and experiment with this style that will add a palette of dazzling colours to your wardrobe. 

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