Aguero is retiring at the age of 33


The dream was to play in Barcelona. The dream was to wear the same club jersey with Lionel Messi. After fulfilling one dream, he found out that the next dream is not being fulfilled. Sergio Aguero was injured when he could not cope with the pressure of leaving Messi.

The return was great. After recovering from injury, he scored a goal in El Cl্যাসsico. But then came the big push. He left the field on October 30 after suffering a heart attack and was told to keep it away from the field. It is now known that it is not possible to continue playing with this problem. So at the age of 33, the Argentine striker is going to announce his retirement from football.

The news was reported by Barcelona based journalist Gerard Romero. The video streaming site Twitch has a show called Romero’s Gigantes. Romero reported the news there. Twitch also said, ‘Kun Aguero is retiring. Heart problems are forcing him to retire. He will make the announcement at an official press conference next week (after Sunday). We will discuss this on Twitter. ‘

There was, of course, a hint before Romero’s news. Catalunya Radio said Aguero’s heart condition made it impossible for him to continue playing. But Aguero blew the news. He said that he was still thinking of following the instructions of the doctor. Earlier, Barcelona said they would monitor Aguero’s condition for three months. But according to Romero, Aguero is changing his mind.

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