Abahani players wave after losing to Mariners

Abahani lost to Mariners and consolidated the league


Mariners Youngs started playing today with the equation of champion in mind as soon as they draw with Abahani. Until the last minute, the team was dreaming of the title with a 3-2 lead. But just a few seconds between the title and the Mariners, hockey appeared at the Maulana Bhasani Stadium with its true beauty.

Abahani won the match dramatically 4-3 with two goals in the last minute of the losing match. As a result, Mariners could not become the champion today even after preparing for the festival. Abahani postponed all their festivals. 6 goals in a penalty stroke, the remaining 6 penalty corners.

Tide of Abahani players at the end of the match

Mohammedan will face Mariners on Saturday in the last match of the Premier Hockey League. If Mohammedan can beat Mariners on that day, the points of the three big teams will be equal to 39. In that case, there should be a playoff between the three teams. At least that’s what the rules of the league say. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, the Mariners will become champions even if they get one point against Mohammedan even if they can’t do it today.

Today’s victory of Abahani is very excited by the black and white. They also want to beat the Mariners. Abahani has given an opportunity today. Mohammedan now aims to use it.

Today, just 48 seconds before the end of the match, Abahani made it 3-3 with only 2 seconds left. Then Abahani got a penalty corner again and defender Khorshedur Rahman’s goal gave Abahani an incredible victory. Abahani hero Khorshedur Rahman scored a pair of goals in the last minute. Sohanur’s hat trick of Mariners was in vain.

In the seventh minute of the match, in the first attack, Dutch forward Kellerman’s free hit, Abahani scored on a sudden flick of the Roman government. The Sri Lankan umpire scored the goal. However, if the Mariners want to reconsider the goal, the goal is canceled. Abahani goalkeeper Abu Saeed (Nippon) immediately rushed to the third umpire. He demanded the cancellation of the decision not to score a goal. Other Abahani players also started protesting during this time.

A moment of Abahani-Mariners match

The Dutch star Kellerman easily made it 1-0 in the first minute of the first penalty kick. In the 14th minute, Mariners’ Milon Push, Sukhjit’s stop and Sohanur’s hit 1-1 in the penalty corner. In the 18th minute, the Mariners took a 2-1 lead with a slight placement by Sohanur near the Indian forward Abhishek.

Abahani’s goalkeeper stopped the goal once. Abahani’s Dutch star Morris made it 2-2 in the 25th minute in the penalty corner. Even if the Mariners want to reconsider the goal, it is a valid goal. Sohanur’s hat-trick was completed immediately. The Mariners went ahead 3-2. Then Abahani won the last minute play.

The game was off minute by minute in the first quarter. Both parties have repeatedly opposed the umpire’s decision. Gradually this trend decreases. The match also ended peacefully. However, the one-hour match ended in about two and a quarter hours.

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