A Complete Buyer’s Guide For Purchasing LED High Bay Lights


Because of how little electricity they use, how quickly they start up, and how brightly they illuminate, LED lights have proven to be a revolutionary invention. Users may improve the illumination in their homes, places of work, and outdoor areas while also greatly reducing their energy bills with the help of these lights. However, because there are so many possibilities, most customers aren’t sure which light to pick. Because LED lights come in such a wide range of sizes, colors, and lumens, it can be difficult to choose the right illumination. If you decide to use an LED Light Expert, you won’t have to worry.

Businesses are seeking more affordable and energy-efficient ways to use LEDs as a result of rising electricity rates and falling LED light prices. Starting with new, energy-efficient high bay lights is a terrific idea. We will go through a thorough buyer’s guide in this article so you can locate the top high bay lights suppliers to buy quality lights.

LED High Bay Lights: What are They?

The term for the lights used in commercial bays is bay lighting. They eventually came to be known as a high bay to distinguish them from low bay lights. Any fixtures with a height of over 12′ and a brightness output above 10,000 are now considered LED high bay lights. Typically, this involves a range of warehouses, retail gyms, and other facilities.

Why Choose LED High Bay Lighting?

Before we get into the technicalities of choosing the best-LED lighting, determine your requirement for these LED lights. The use of LED bulbs for high bay lights has many advantages. Here is a list of a few of them:


When compared to other bulbs, the price of LED high bay lights and light bulbs is currently quite low. These lights are available for the same price as other light bulbs.

Power-Saving Alternative

As the globe struggles to meet its energy needs, it is getting harder to find new, better energy sources that do not hurt the environment. You should look for choices that can help with energy conservation as a result. LED bulbs produce greater light while using less energy. You could considerably lower your rising electricity expenditures by using these lights.


Everyone aspires to improve the appearance of their home or place of business. As a result, they look for varied home furnishings and other design inspirations. A well-lit establishment, however, attracts customers and makes them feel secure. LED lights emit more lumens of light, which will make your company shine brighter. 


These lamps have a very long lifespan. They don’t need to be changed again and again. An LED light bulb typically lasts 20 years.


LED light bulbs and LED High Bay Lights do not utilize or emit UV or mercury. They are, therefore, much safer than other light bulbs to use and operate. These lights are a great alternative that doesn’t pose any health risks.

Here are a few justifications for selecting LED lights. We will now discuss the buyer’s guide for LED high bay lights.

Create a Layout

You should clearly know why you need a High Bay LED Light and where you plan to use it before you start looking for one. You would require a different light for various locations depending on where it was needed and what was needed there.

For instance: 

Retail Store: To draw in more consumers, a retail store needs bright light.

For the retail space to be adequately lit, the ground must have at least 800 lux.

Warehouse: Choosing 500 lux in a warehouse is crucial to improving the supervisors’ working conditions.

Storage: A light with 300 lux is more than adequate for storage areas.

When you are aware of the requirements, you can select the wattage accordingly. 

How to Choose the Right Amount of Watts and Lumens

Although high bay LED lights come in a variety of wattages, you should focus on the lumens instead. LEDs will require fewer and fewer watts as they become more efficient. Depending on the height at which the high bay lights are installed, you can choose one with ease. For various sizes, several wattages are available:

• 10-15 feet – For lights with 10,000 to 15,000 lumens, this height is perfect.

• 15-20 feet – For lights with 16,000 to 20,000 lumens, this height is perfect.

• 25–35 ft – Lights with a lumen output of 33,000 are excellent for this height. 

Not to mention, you should always search for lumens rather than watts.

You won’t get better illumination no matter how many watts you select if there are not enough lumens. So, without wasting any time, start surfing for your needs and get the best high bay lights today!

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