2021 is the year that changed my life

2021 is the year that changed my life


Her full name is Syeda Taslima Hossain, but people know her more by the name ‘Nadi’. He studied in the Drama Department of Dhaka University in his last year. Theater worker, voice artist, actor অনেক many of his identities. Recently, he came into the discussion by acting in the advertisement of fresh tissue made on the occasion of Victory Day. ‘Turning-morning is nothing. In a country where love goes to war, no one can lose. ‘

Last year too, he spent his life studying, doing odd jobs as a voice artist, hanging out with friends and performing on stage. But in 2021, I was hearing the story of how the course of the river took a turn.

Seeing the turn
Almost everyone is under house arrest in Corona. But the river is different. Because, he did not leave the house for six months. In his words, ‘I didn’t even go up the stairs.’ He said, ‘The campus closed in March 2020. My parents live in Narayanganj. I went to them. After being completely at home for six months, I was called upon to give voice in Bangla dubbing of a foreign series. It was difficult to come and go to Narayanganj and Dhaka regularly. So I came to a friend’s house in Dhaka. ‘

Growing up in a conservative family since childhood. It cannot be done, there were various restrictions on going there. He came to Dhaka and got the first taste of independence. No one to rule, no class pressure. He started hanging out in Dhaka at night with his girlfriends. What happens when the river dam is suddenly broken!

The CGPA was -4.0. It came to a halt at 3.6. Then? The Dhaka University student said, “Such freedom usually ends in extreme chaos, and that’s what happened to me.” It was 12:30 pm on my way home from the Thirty First Night of 2020. There is no one to open the gate. I have no place to go. I sat by the gate until four in the morning. When the sun of the new year is rising, I decided in my mind that it cannot be allowed to continue like this. ‘

Then the waves
When the elder brother moved to Dhaka, Nadi went to his brother’s house. Getting a guardian makes it easier to keep the path straight. In the meantime, Duronto got a job on TV as a voice artist. She entered the Miss Universe Bangladesh pageant as a hobby. He was happy to be in the top 50. Studying, acting on stage, job সব everything was going well. But at the beginning of May, I suddenly started having stomach ache. After the ultrasonogram, the doctor said that an ovary had to be removed because of an ovarian cyst. As soon as possible. Because there are signs of cancer in another ovary.

Nadi said, ‘My condition was so bad that no one was willing to operate. I was walking from one hospital to another. Finally, Dr. Chowdhury Shamima Sultana agreed. I had the operation for eight hours straight. Towards the end I had full knowledge. I was sure I would never live again. I thought to myself after getting so many small troubles in life, I will not keep this life anymore. But two days after the operation, when I got out of bed for the first time, I felt the cold floor on my feet, just then I realized how precious life is. ‘

The river meets the sea
There are 30 stitches in the abdomen. The body was injured while lying down straight. He had taken so much medicine that he once thought he was crazy. Even in such a situation, the river did not give up. Has slowly recovered. Has worked in multiple television commercials. Starred in action scenes. Her husband Syed Ejaz Ahmed gave her courage from the side. They got married last July.

Nadi said, ‘I went to Cox’s Bazar for the first time in my life after marriage. I boarded the first plane. The first time I stayed at a resort. The way young children enjoy going out with their parents, I feel like I’m filling that void after marriage. ‘

The risk of cancer has not yet been completely eliminated. You have to be careful all the time. But Nadi opened her mouth and smiled and said, “I have no regrets.” He is busy with advertisements and movies. He said that he is going to Bandarban after visiting Cox’s Bazar to act in a movie directed by Nuhash Humayun. “If all goes well, I will sit on Cox’s Bazar beach at Thirty First this year and watch the New Year’s sunrise,” he said.

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