With 900 employees working together, he is now on the run

With 900 employees working together, he is now on the run.


Vishal Garg, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Better.com, a US-based company, was widely criticized for firing about 900 workers at once in a single zoom call. He later apologized. But the huge garg is not getting relief from the apology; On the contrary, his job is at stake now. The news agency Reuters reported this information.

Especially before Christmas, the announcement of the immediate dismissal of about 15 percent of the company’s employees has provoked an angry reaction from the people. Better.com, a lender, has also come under fire. In such a situation, the board of directors of the company has decided to send Vishal Garg on compulsory leave.

According to a media report by Vice, the company’s board of directors sent an e-mail to Vishal Garg, who immediately sent him on compulsory leave.

The board of directors has instructed Kevin Ryan, the company’s chief financial officer (CFO), to perform his day-to-day duties for the time being. He will report to the Board of Directors on his day-to-day affairs. Be accountable.

The decision to review the company’s leadership and work environment was made through a third independent organization, the board’s mail said. The recommendations of independent organizations will be taken into consideration to create a sustainable and positive working environment within the company in the long run.

Vishal Garg recently held a zoom meeting with 900 employees of the company. “If you take part in this zoom call, you are part of a group of unfortunate people being fired,” he told staff.

Later it went viral on social media. Due to this, widespread criticism started.

The reason for the mass layoffs was the inability of workers to adapt to performance, productivity and market changes, said Vishal Garg. Now he is afraid of losing his job.

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