FIFA wants to host the World Cup for two consecutive years

Why FIFA wants to host the World Cup for two consecutive years


The football world has reacted mixedly to FIFA’s plan to host the World Cup for two consecutive years. Some FIFA member states have applauded the proposal. However, a large part has taken a stand against it. The African Football Confederation, which has 54 of FIFA’s 211 member states, has said “yes” to the plan. Many Asian countries are also happy with FIFA’s plan. However, countries in Europe and South America have strongly opposed it.

Meanwhile, FIFA is holding an online conference tomorrow to discuss the possibility of hosting the World Cup for two consecutive years. Earlier, news agency AFP Sport investigated the reasons behind FIFA’s plan. Let’s take a look at what AFP Sport has got.

What is the main reason for FIFA’s proposal?
FIFA’s main argument is that their income will increase. Football in the region is much more dependent on FIFA funding than the rich European leagues.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino also wants to make football “truly global” and make the tournament more open to smaller teams. That is why FIFA is going to make 48 teams for the World Cup from 2026. No country outside of Europe and South America has ever played in a World Cup final. Next year’s World Cup will be in Qatar. UEFA and Conmebol have hosted 16 of the previous 21 World Cups. Infantino not only wants more World Cups, he also wants more joint organizers.

Which federations are supporting?
Last month, the African Football Confederation expressed its full support for FIFA’s plan. The federations of countries in North and Central America and the Asian Football Confederation have said they have no problem with the plan. Opinions in the Oceania region are similar.

Only five African nations have qualified for next year’s World Cup in Qatar. Ivory Coast coach Patrick Bumley, who failed to qualify for the World Cup, said in a statement that “FIFA is killing African football.” This will create a more balanced structure globally.

What effect will two consecutive World Cups have on other tournaments?
Arsene Wenger, head of FIFA’s global development division, has suggested hosting at least one international tournament each year. There will be continental tournaments along with the World Cup. These are the European Championships and the Copa America.

Influence on footballers
Wenger is reluctant to accept the argument that organizing more and more international tournaments in this way will put a lot of pressure on footballers. According to him, the players will have at least 25 days to rest after playing for the country in the summer tournament.

The international agenda for 2024 is now based on consensus.
Manchester City’s Belgian star Kevin de Bruyne once said, “The plan to host the World Cup for two years in a row is not bad.”

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