Warn COVID19 Vaccine

WHO Officials Warn COVID19 Vaccine Might Not Be Able To Ward Off Recent Wave Of Infections


All of us have been waiting for an effective vaccine since the COVID19 pandemic has hit the world. Many pharmaceuticals firms around the world have claimed that their vaccines can provide enough immunity to prevent the infection. However, recently the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned the authorities that a COVID19 vaccine might not be able to prevent the current wave of the virus. The recent wave of infections has overwhelmed the hospitals, which is sweeping across Europe and North America. The executive director of WHO Dr. Mike Ryan has said that it will not be possible to develop immunity against the recent wave of infections through a vaccine as of now. Many nations around the world have been struck with this kind of wave and they will continue to suffer without a vaccine, said the expert.

The growing numbers of COVID19 cases have forced countries in Europe, the UK, France, and Germany to take strict actions to prevent the rapid transmission of the virus. Such strict restrictions have shattered non-essential trades and advised people to stay at home as much as possible. Nevertheless, these efforts have been fruitful so far, resulting in a 10 percent decline in overall cases in the past week. This happened for the first time in the last three months. However, the death rate due to COVID19 has increased by 18 percent across the region in the same period. In the US, the cases have shot up by 41 percent and the death rate has increased by 11 percent as per the WHO data.

As per the COVID19 Tracking project, nearly 76823 patients have been in the hospital in the US. Some states have been imposing strict mask mandates in the wake of surging COVID19 cases. Authorities have been taking strict actions against those traders who have not been following social distancing norms. As per the report, there has been a relentless and aggressive community spread across the countries. The WHO warning has come after Pfizer has declared that its vaccine is 95 percent efficient in preventing COVID19 cases. Moderna as well as shared the preliminary data from the phase three trial stating that their vaccine has been proved 94 percent effective in eliminating the virus.

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