Murad Hasan at the airport before leaving the country

Where is Murad Hasan, no one can say clearly


The position of MP Murad Hasan, who lost the post of Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting due to his hateful, indecent and insulting remarks against women, has created a fume.

No one has been able to pinpoint his whereabouts, especially since the Canadian Border Services Agency barred him from entering.

Murad Hassan left Shahjalal International Airport for Canada at 1:21 pm on Thursday.

Diplomatic sources said Corona was unable to enter the country as she failed to show the required documents as per Canadian rules during the transition. Canadian diplomatic sources could not immediately be reached for comment.

Murad Hassan was turned away after arriving at Toronto airport, citing multiple Canadian-based online sources, including “New Country”. The state minister, who lost his post due to complaints from Canadians of Bangladeshi descent in particular, did not get a chance to enter the North American country despite having a visa.

According to unconfirmed sources, Murad Hassan left for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Saturday after failing to enter Canada. There is also propaganda on social media that he can return to the country as a Middle Eastern country.
Asked about Murad Hassan’s visit to Canada, Bangladesh High Commissioner to Ottawa Khalilur Rahman told Prothom Alo on his mobile phone tonight, “We have no information on whether he (Murad Hasan) has arrived in Canada. We were informed a few months ago before the visit to Canada when the Minister of State was in charge. As an MP, the mission is always informed for the convenience of protocol. But no one has contacted the High Commission about Murad Hasan’s visit to Canada. ‘

Asked about the former state minister being barred from entering Canada by the Immigration Department, Khalilur Rahman said, “If there is any problem in immigration with a Bangladeshi national, the High Commission should be informed.” But the Canadian immigration authorities did not contact our consulate.

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