When the cat's ears are four

When the cat’s ears are four


A very cute kitten. Gray to look at. Eye color mixed with black-yellow. However, the specialty of the cat is in its ears. Not two, the kitten was born with four ears. A couple has recently adopted this bizarre kitten. A picture of a four-eared kitten and the news of its adoption have gone viral on social media. Responded among social media users.

The Daily Mail has published a special report on the cat. It says the four-eared kitten is named Midas. Age four months. It is of Russian Bloomix variety. However, the baby was born in Turkey. It was adopted by a woman named Canis Dosmesi from the country and her partner.

As can be seen in the image uploaded on social media, Midas also has two normal ears like other cats. However, there are two more ears just below those two ears. The size of the extra two ears is relatively small. The cat is thought to have been born with two extra ears due to genetic mutations.

This special feature of the extra two ears sets Midas apart from other cats. Midas has an account on Instagram. Midas is now a star on social media. Midas, however, has a white heart-shaped spot on its abdomen. This is also a unique feature of Midas.

Midas is no problem to hear for extra ears. “Midas is a very playful kitten,” said Canis jokingly. But he sleeps all day and likes to stay up all night.

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