When is a visit to the urologist worthwhile?


Many older men have never used the services of a urologo cdmx urologist in their lifetime. Even with acute symptoms, there is great inner resistance to the diagnosis and treatment.

However, some diseases require more than just a search at Dr. Google. We take a look at two major diseases that are particularly often confused.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia

Benign prostatic hyperplasia could be described as a benign prostate enlargement. Older men in particular are affected by this and have to struggle with the unpleasant symptoms. Early detection is particularly important because drug treatment can then be sufficient to alleviate the symptoms.

The medical diagnosis

At the beginning of the examination at the urologo cdmx urologist is the first anamnesis, which takes the patient’s medical history under the microscope. The most important physical exam remains the digital rectal exam. The doctor feels the prostate, which is located directly in front of the rectum, with a finger. An enlargement can easily be seen in this way. Alternatively, the urologo cdmx urologist can do an ultrasound scan to clarify any relevant questions and assess the extent of the enlargement.

What are the symptoms of the men?

The symptoms men suffer from benign enlargement of the prostate are many. In most cases, those affected become aware of an interrupted urine stream or a feeling of residual urine. Frequent urination in small amounts is also an indication that the prostate is enlarged. Urination can also be accompanied by pain.

Treatment is not always necessary

In case of doubt, the doctor decides whether the disease requires treatment. If there are no major complaints, regular checks by the doctor are often sufficient. If the patient’s level of suffering increases, it is initially possible to counteract the development with the help of medication. For this purpose, α-blockers or 5-α-reductase inhibitors are used. If the medication is no longer sufficient in the later stages of the disease, a decision can be made on surgical treatment options.

The prostatitis

A visit to the urologo cdmx urologist offers the opportunity to differentiate the enlargement of the prostate from prostatitis. This is a common inflammation of the prostate, which is associated with pain when emptying the bladder and when ejaculating. Here too, an early diagnosis prevents further risks and possible secondary diseases.

The diagnosis of prostatitis

In order to record the medical history, the attending physician first asks important questions about the disease. Do you experience pain when urinating or does the patient feel back pain? If the suspicion of prostatitis is confirmed, the doctor will perform a digital rectal examination. This is done on an outpatient basis and is usually painless. Above all, the doctor uses a finger to check the sensitivity of the prostate to pain, which is significantly increased when there is inflammation.

If bacteria are responsible for the inflammation, the pathogens can be found in the patient’s urine. The four-glass sample is used to examine whether the germs can be detected. The secretion of the prostate or the ejaculate is also suitable for this.

In the meantime, the PSA measurement has also been used to make an accurate diagnosis. Prostatitis is a possible reason why the prostate-specific antigen is found in particularly high concentrations in the blood.

These types of prostatitis can be present

A basic distinction regarding the type of prostatitis is critical to the diagnosis. As can already be seen from the name, bacterial prostatitis is caused by bacteria that have been able to get to the prostate via the blood or become lodged in the urethra. It is a general illness that can also be accompanied by other symptoms such as fever or chills, which the patients themselves cannot initially identify. This acute form of inflammation, which accounts for around ten percent of prostatitis cases, sometimes turns into a chronic problem.

Abacterial prostatitis (also known as chronic pelvic pain syndrome) does not offer any such diagnostics. The tests in the laboratory do not reveal any bacteria, which means that the exact cause of the abacterial prostatitis usually remains unclear. It is possible, for example, that stress is a possible cause. The bottom line is that this abacterial form of the disease is the most common form of prostatitis.


Fever or chills accompany the inflammation of the prostate, especially if it is bacterial. In addition, the typical symptoms of urination occur while the urine stream is significantly weakened and only small amounts of urine can be excreted. This forces patients to go to the toilet particularly often.

The chronic form of the disease is usually characterized by less pronounced symptoms. The men perceive a vague feeling of pressure in the perineum or lower abdomen or become aware of blood in the semen or urine. Libido and potency disorders are inevitable in the chronic form of the disease.

Treatment options

Once men become aware of these symptoms, they should contact a urologo cdmx urologist. The very common abacterial prostatitis today offers a multitude of treatment options. Therefore, approach your doctor you trust and speak to him about possible treatment methods. This also includes Prosturol®, which contains hyaluronic acid, among other things. The suppositories help to quickly relieve the symptoms. In the hyaluronic suppositories for prostatitis, pumpkin seed oil extract, Indian pennywort and frankincense are also used.

In bacterial prostatitis, it is again an antibiotic that can lead to improvement within around ten days. If the bacterial cause has already developed into a chronic disease, the administration of the medication may have to be extended to a longer period. In addition, the doctor usually relies on symptomatic therapy to alleviate acute symptoms of the patient.

Time for more attention

Above all, it is the tabooing of the problem that does its part to ensure that the health problem is spreading wider. Many men still lack the decisive impetus to face treatment with a doctor. Early diagnosis in particular helps ensure that typical diseases of the prostate do not become a permanent problem. Instead, the symptoms can be overcome promptly in order not to have to do without this important part of quality of life.

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