What is Neurohacking? | The Secret Power to Vavoom Vodka & Luke Battiloro’s Success!


Luke Battiloro, the CEO that ‘Swims with Sharks’, or so he is dubbed by Seekers Time in their article that lists marketers that push boundaries for the sake of success, is a strong proponent of neurohacking.

Battiloro even goes so far as to attribute a lot of his success with his popular online vodka brand, Vavoom Vodka, to his neurohacking training, saying:

“With my neurohacking training, I’ve taken control of my subconscious. I’ve pushed aside the anxiety that we’re all naturally riddled with. I’ve faced my fears head-on and developed a strong belief in myself. And with that belief, I can do just about everything. Now, I’m much closer to my ultimate state — where no fear is too scary, and no problems can’t be turned into positives.”

To put things into perspective, it’s important to note that the alcohol industry is majorly competitive. And yet! Vavoom Vodka, a small, high-end vodka brand that came out and decided to sell exclusively online, was able to come out at least 300% in the positives in 2020!

Just what exactly isneurohacking? And how did Luke Battiloro use it in order to achieve success in the crowded, billion-dollar alcohol industry in the US? More on this below:


Neurohacking is a sub-category of biohacking — the practice of ‘hacking’ your biology in the form of small lifestyle changes (like changing your diet or your exercise routine) to improve your overall health and well-being.

The only difference then, between biohacking and neurohacking, is that neurohacking is the practice of hacking your brain to making mental improvements.

The more modernized version of neurohacking (which was popularized in the early 1980s) that we know today is mostly focused on the improvement of one’s reflexes and their ability to learn or the treatment of psychological disorders. But herbal supplements specifically developed for brain function enhancement (now called nootropics) have been used for centuries.

Battiloro’s ‘secret power’ training definitely belongs to the first category. He goes on to describe it in more detail in an interview with Invest Courier, referring to his training as him ‘hacking’ into his brain’s “stress-response” and saying:

“What I hope to achieve, by training this response, is a more active participation in the stress-response process. Or rather, learning how to lean into my fears so that I can do what needs to be done, no matter how hard, scary, or challenging the situation may be.”

Alright, so now you know what neuro-hacking is. But I’m sure you are dying to know…

Does neurohackingactually work?!


Well, according to Battiloro he’s already seeing the fruits of his labor! Not only in his personal life—which he achieved by tackling his long-lived fear of sharks by actually swimming with them in Florida—but in his business life as well:

“On a more personal level, ‘hacking my brain’ has done a lot to improve how I look at things, like on the whole. Just last month, I was able to tackle a life-long fear of mine. More specifically, I spent some time in Florida at the end of last year swimming with the sharks!

And, as you might’ve guessed, this new-found confidence transfers very easily to the way I do business. I’m even more fearless than before. And, more importantly, I’m more willing to push boundaries for the sake of the wins that I’m sure all of us entrepreneurs chase regularly.”

Okay, but so how does he do it? How does one “hack” their brain to train their stress-response and allow such a thing? And… how easily can you replicate it?


It turns out, the secret to Luke Battiloro’sneurohacking training is not so secret after all. He reveals it all in an interview with the California Herald, stating that it involves “regularly taking nootropic supplements” and “underwater training.”

The former is probably no surprise to you. Nootropics supplements have been readily rising in popularity since the early 2010s, and there are enough small studies that have shown that there is some level of success to be found in using them.

But the underwater training probably came out of leftfield, huh?

Battiloro describes it in the aforementioned interview as the “Tummo breathing technique known widely as the Wim Hof breathing method” and that, because of it, he can hold his breath underwater for four-minutes at a time! Effective, according to Battiloro, because it “hits the aspect of his subconscious” that he wants to improve.


And so there you go. This is the secret to Luke Battiloro and, consequently, Vavoom Vodka’s success! Is it something that you should try out for yourself? Maybe! Everyone has different ways of chasing success. This is just one that’s proven to work for Battiloro!

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