What happened at Biden’s Democracy Conference, what will happen next


The original architects of the newly formed United States met in Philadelphia in 18 to formulate a new state constitution. The question of what this new state and its government will look like is still unresolved. There were many who thought of a modified monarchy in the UK. Others demanded a republic with elected representatives. On the last day of the conference, Benjamin Franklin was grabbed by everyone as he came out of the closet. He is one of the architects and writers of the proposed constitution. Everyone asks, in the end what is right, republic or monarchy? “Republic, if you can hold on to it,” said Franklin.
Democracy means constant struggle

Franklin meant a republican democracy, but what he meant by “maintaining a republic” is what we are trying to understand 234 years later. One thing is clear now, we called ourselves democracies and we became democracies, not at all. This requires constant fighting. The fight is mainly internal. I am fighting, but the real meaning of the word is cooperation – the ongoing dialogue and consensus between the forces in power and those outside power. President Biden made the remarks more than once, citing his country’s example, at a “democracy summit” convened by the White House last week.

“Democracy in the United States is going through a constant battle, the goal of which is to break our own consensus and re-commit to the ideals that the original architects of the nation proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence.” Must be associated with. Democracy is not a game to be watched in a gallery, it requires participation, transparency and accountability.

The Biden administration hoped that through this summit, the invited countries would renew their commitment to democratic values ​​and support an international process to protect democracy. Everybody has promised so much, but there is no doubt that the announcement made in this virtual meeting is of no importance at all.

The first suspicion is about the United States hosting the conference. Democracy in America is under huge threat at the moment. Doubts and mistrust over the results of the elections held a year ago have not gone away. Former President Trump and 8 percent of Republican supporters think the man occupying the White House right now is a fraud. Victory has been snatched from the one who actually won the election. It is being said openly that Trump will return in the next election. Whose own house is on fire, how can he ignite another’s house? The patient himself, how will he take the role of a doctor?
President Biden himself acknowledged this contradiction. “We have to work harder to protect democracy,” he said. Not only in words, but also in deeds, we will show how determined we are in defending democracy. We will set an example for others in this fight, invest more in our own democratic management, and strengthen the hands of our partners around the world.

The purpose of the conference is to make one’s team heavier
The problem is, looking at the list of invitees to the conference, it seems that America is organizing this conference to make its party heavier, not to protect democracy in all parts of the world. The reason for this is that the United States has sent invitations only to those whom it considers allies. America’s enmity with China and Russia is intensifying, in this enmity America wants the invited countries by its side.

According to Anatole Liven, a fellow at the Quincy Institute, the conference initiative was a mistake. To understand why, it is enough to just pronounce the name Narendra Modi. One of the aims of the conference is to form an alliance against Chinese authoritarianism, but without Modi, that alliance cannot be formed. Therefore Modi was invited. But the whole conference turned into a joke when Modi was invited and denied the authoritarian character of his government. And so it has been.

Time magazine, like Leven’s, thinks that the conference is nothing more than a farce. Several heads of government who are openly authoritarian have been invited to the conference. By inviting these states, the Biden administration has shown “hypocrisy”.

In his speech, Biden acknowledged that democracy is not the same in all countries, nor is the way everyone fights. One country has the answers to all the questions, but it does not. And that is why we need to join hands and reaffirm our commitment to the same democratic values. It’s nice to hear from Biden, but we don’t think he’s selfless enough to take such an initiative.

James Strobe, a senior fellow at New York University, made the point. In an article in the web magazine Politico, he remarked that a kind of geopolitical figure had worked behind the so-called “big tent” from the White House. Though their democratic character was in doubt, India was invited. Because he is America’s strategic ally against China. Poland is similarly invited to hold its own against Russia, even though the country is rapidly becoming a majority dictatorship. Democracy may be at the center of US foreign policy, but its position is not above national security interests.

First self interest, then democracy
A number of basic goals were announced by the White House before the conference. She

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