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What are the Qualities of good Ncert Study guide


You already know that science courses can be tough. They’re often full of difficult concepts and theories that require a lot of memorization. It’s no wonder you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn for advice! As long as you have the right study guide, you’ll be able to master your college science course with less stress and more success.

Here are the top 10 characteristics of a good science study guide from ncert exemplar class 9 sciencestudies.

1. A good study guide is not boring!

The best science study guides won’t make you want to put your head down on your desk and nap. Choose a guide that will keep you interested with helpful tips and easy-to-understand information. It should be fun to read! Infinity Learn provides ncert exemplar class 9 science

2. A good study guide gives you time-saving tips

There’s no sense in wasting hours of your time learning how to do something that could be mastered in just minutes. Choosing a good study guide gives you shortcuts and ways to save time so that you don’t have to spend extra hours poring over endless flashcards or studying dry textbooks.

3. A good study guide tells you what to do and shows you how to do it

You can have the best tips in the world, but it won’t help unless you can apply them quickly. Good science study guides will show you exactly how to integrate these tips into your studies. You don’t want to be left wondering what to do with the information you’re given!

4. A good study guide makes you feel confident about your studies

If a science study guide is getting your anxiety up or making you feel like a failure, then it’s not helping at all! Look for something that keeps your confidence high even in the face of difficult questions and concepts. It should be showing you ways to succeed!

5. A good study guide will fit your schedule

While it’s important to learn from textbooks, you also need to make time to put these lessons into practice. Self-study is notoriously ineffective. Find something that fits your learning style and schedule and gives you the information you need when you need it.

6. A good study guide has clear instructions on how to incorporate what you’re learning

You’ll definitely want a study guide with accompanying visuals and explanations whenever possible. Even if the images are just words on a page, they should be easy to follow! Making too little information available is not helping either!

7. A good study guide will teach you new concepts without making you feel stupid

You’ll have a much easier time learning entirely new ideas if your guide is able to condense them into bite-sized pieces. Make sure that the material presented is actually going to advance your knowledge . You don’t want your studies to be a waste of time!

8. A good study guide gives you your own method of memorization

If you’re ever unsure on how to remember something, it’s always better to try different methods than to just rely on an easy-to-follow practice routine. Try taking notes in different colors or writing everything down word-for-word, so that you can learn important information anywhere and anytime!

9. A good study guide makes you feel confident

If a study guide is making you feel completely hopeless, then it is not a good study guide! You need to be able to turn to your science study guide and know it will show you the way. Nothing is more discouraging than having your hopes dashed!

10. A good study guide will answer all of your questions

As a student, you know studying can get complicated. You may have science homework assignments on top of tests and final exams. Therefore, you need a study guide that can answer all of your questions and concerns about mastering your undergraduate science course.

11. A good study guide will help you learn how to ask the right questions

Good science study guides will teach you how to recognize when you don’t understand something, making it easy for you to get the answers you need. You’ll be able to ask your professors like a pro so that they’re completely shocked and impressed by your knowledge and understanding of their course!

12. A good study guide is not too expensive

There’s absolutely nothing worse than wasting an entire semester learning inadequate information. If a science study guide is too expensive, you won’t be able to afford to purchase it in time for upcoming exams or assignments. Instead of wasting your time, look for something that’s affordable and can help with your studies effectively.


A good science study guide will be able to help you learn much better. However, what makes it so effective is the way it teaches you. It will show you how to absorb information quickly and help you understand your materials. It will also help you feel confident and proud of your skills. Hopefully, this article will help you find a great study guide!

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