Industry Climate

Understand the Current Industry Climate


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of industrial maintenance and repair workers or industrial technicians is expected to decline by 7% by 2026. That’s faster than the average decline of 4% in all other occupations. While this might seem bad news, it can be an opportunity, especially for those whose skills are more relevant to the future of industrial maintenance technology than their contemporaries.

Learn About the Cloud

Cloud-based systems are becoming more popular in factories because they offer software flexibility and access to resources from anywhere. This is important because it allows factories to be more agile in times of disruption or change.

We’ve seen that cloud technology offers both cost-saving opportunities and increases the efficiency of manufacturing processes by enabling better decision-making on the fly. Cloud computing also ensures that data is secure while still being accessible by authorized users.

Adapt to Changing Business Models

The business model for large manufacturers is changing as more manufacturing is being outsourced to smaller factories closer to the end customer. To remain competitive, companies will need to do more with less – focusing on efficiency and eliminating waste.

Ways Not to Get Left Behind

1. Keep up with technological developments. Identify new tools to help you do your job better and faster, then learn how to use them.

2. Focus on different tasks to expand your knowledge base.

3. Stay active in industry organizations such as NATEF or ASNT; this will allow you to network with others in the field who may know about new opportunities before they’re posted elsewhere

4. Invest in education—technicians should consider getting certified by manufacturers or enrolling in post-secondary programs for advancement opportunities

Plenty of free educational resources available through YouTube, online tutorials, and public libraries can also help you learn new skills. Another way to get up-to-date information about emerging technologies is by following influential people on social media who discuss things happening in their industries.

Focus On Safety

Automation has been on the rise in recent years, but automation is expensive and will continue to be an issue with shrinking budgets. The answer may lie in creative problem-solving that eliminates the need for human intervention altogether.

Embrace New Technologies

Organizations are starting to implement new technologies that improve efficiency while reducing labor costs. One trend is predictive analytics, which helps operators make better decisions by providing information about equipment performance before it fails or malfunctions.

Another trend is the Internet of Things (IoT), where sensors in machines provide data in real-time that can be accessed via computer software. Operators also have access to machine health diagnostics, remotely monitoring and diagnosing faults.

Invest in More Training

It is crucial to constantly invest in more training courses that will allow you to stay on top of the latest trends in your industry. Investing in proper education may not seem like an effective use of time or money now, but it will pay off later when you can keep up with new developments within your field.

The ever-changing industry landscape means that technicians must also adapt to stay ahead of the curve. Universal Technical Institute prepares you to stay relevant to current trends and technological developments. By keeping up with new technologies and trends, industrial technicians can ensure that they are always providing the best possible service.

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