Typhoon Rye threatens 31 deaths in Philippines

Typhoon Rye threatens 31 deaths in Philippine


The death toll from Typhoon Rai has risen to 31, according to the Philippine Disaster Management Agency.

More deaths are being reported as rescue teams reach the affected areas and communication lines are restored, putting the death toll at almost three times higher than the previous day.

The disaster agency said in a statement on Saturday that the typhoon had killed four people and left 26 more dead.

According to Reuters, Rye is the 15th typhoon to hit the Philippine Islands this year and one of the deadliest tropical storms.

Rye came up from the sea to the islands of the archipelago on Thursday with a maximum wind speed of 195 kilometers per hour. The quake damaged scores of homes, displaced at least 300,000 people, and cut off power and communications.

On Saturday, President Rodrigo Duterte was scheduled to visit the affected areas. The death toll from the powerful storm could rise further, he said.

I’m not too concerned about installation damage; My fear is that a lot of people could die, “he said.

Earlier, Ricardo Jalad, the Undersecretary of the country’s Disaster Management Agency, said 12 people had been killed, according to initial reports.

Hana Rai, which hit the Philippines in a five-magnitude typhoon, is expected to cross the country on Saturday and return to the sea on Saturday.

As a result of the rains, several ports in the Philippines were shut down, and hundreds of flights were canceled. Authorities were also forced to suspend mass immunization programs in various areas.

The strongest storms are often in the Philippines. The country is hit by an average of 20 storms a year.

The Philippines witnessed massive destruction and loss of life in Super Typhoon Gani in November last year. Typhoon Haiyan killed more than 6,000 people in 2013.

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