Top 8 Flowers to Give on your First Valentine’s Date


Love is an emotion that encompasses all the beautiful feelings that heart experiences when we get attached to someone. Love can never be limited to a man and his wife or a boyfriend and a girlfriend, the bond that a mother has with her children or the bond that we have towards our friends can also be considered love in all its glory. Let’s zero in on the bond between a couple, and it is the most beautiful feeling in the world. When you love someone, the world seems much better; daily life appears to be much brighter and happier.  

To celebrate this lovely emotion, we have a special day dedicated purely to this, the Valentines day. Valentine’s day is celebrated on 14th February every year, and couples worldwide celebrate this day by exchanging gifts and going on romantic dates. Some of the most loved and popular gifts that are exchanged on this day are valentine roses, teddy bears, chocolates and cakes. Flowers are one of the most popular gifts that are a show stopper on this day. Huge Bouquets of flowers are shared between couples to express the love and devotion they have for each other.

But there are so many flowers and each flower depicts a particular emotion. So while we give someone a flower, we need to assess the feeling or type of bond that we have for them. Allow us to build a guide that can help you gift the right flower bouquet to your loved one.

Red Roses:

Red is the colour of love and passion. Since ages, red roses have been a strong symbol of undying love between two people. The vibrant red colour is extremely beautiful and combined with the velvety petals that have outstanding fragrance, just makes it an amazing option to give someone on this day. It is especially great if you want to confess your love to your crush or maybe just rekindle your bond with your long time partner. This is usually the most preferred flowers to give to your partner on this day.

Purple Orchids

The delicate and exotic flowers have an unaltered luxury feel to them. They are gorgeous. Purple orchids are an amazing way of expressing your devotion towards your partner. They have a long shelf life and can grace our homes for a longer time so that every day your partner can have a reflection of you through them. These are unconventional flowers to present this Valentine’s Day.


The true meaning of a lily lies in the colours that it holds but talking about them on a universal basis, and they denote purity and innocence. If you like someone but are unsure if they like you back or not, this might be the perfect option for you.

Pink Tulips

Originating from Central Asia, Tulips are beautiful flowers that are an excellent option for you to share the feeling of affection and deep love. They have a lot of variants within them that can be gifted to different people on different occasions accordingly.


These gorgeous flowers have proved to be the perfect gift to give to our strongest bonds. They symbolise love and devotion and Red Carnations in particular, are a fantastic gift to opt for the one who has stolen your heart. Apart from the red ones, there are many variants such as beautiful and rich pink that are especially great to give to your mothers or maybe represent your love to your friends.


Daisies are the most usual but traditionally beautiful flowers to give to anyone in your circle. They are perfect for any occasion or bond that you have in your life. They perfectly symbolizes innocence and purity, just like Lilies.

A Chrysanthemum

These are the flowers of the November month and have different meanings depending on the colour variants you pick. A Red chrysanthemum is a symbol of love and passion, a white one depicts honesty and loyalty, Violet chrysanthemums are the best messages to getting well soon and so on. So when you want to share the feeling of love, you can simply go with the red chrysanthemums.


These flowers are known as a symbol of protection, and it is an excellent way to tactfully tell someone that you care about them. Peppy and vibrant, this flower will help you to share the feeling of love and devotion you have for your partner.

When you are sceptical as to what to give to your loved one, just choose to order valentine flowers online and pair them up with some delicious chocolates and we assure you that it will be the best gift ever. If you are planning to make it a bit more exciting, you can always opt for a cake or a teddy bear with this amazing combo. It is not always easy to find the right gift, especially for the ones that mean the most to you, as you aspire for the gift to be equally impressive in its way. When you choose a bouquet, you extend an emotion, not just something materialistic. So go on and find your perfect bouquet. 

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