This time, the United States approved Mark’s Corona resistance pill

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of Corona resistant pills by US multinational pharmaceutical company Mark. This drug can only be used to treat people at high risk after a corona infection. News AFP

The FDA approved Mark’s corona pill on Thursday. Pfizer’s Corona pill Paxlovid was approved by the regulator yesterday.

Mark’s oral corona pill Malnupiravi is known as ‘MSD’ outside the United States and Canada. This medication is usually taken within five days of the onset of corona symptoms. Studies have shown that the drug can reduce hospitalization and mortality in high-risk patients by 30 percent after coronavirus infection.

The FDA says Mark’s pill should not be taken by anyone under the age of 18. The approval did not match even in the case of pregnant women. However, the doctors will be able to decide the use of the drug on them considering the situation.

Examination of Pfizer’s pills showed that it reduced the risk of coronary heart disease and death by 6 percent. However, no one under the age of 12 can take this pill.

Meanwhile, the FDA has said that Mark and Pfizer pills are not a substitute for Tika. This medicine taken orally will work as a helper against corona.

India is set to implement four new labor laws next year on wages, social security, industrial relations and occupational safety. If the law is enacted, the pay of employees, working hours and weekly working days may change. News of Hindustan Times.

A senior Indian government official told PTI that if the new labor law is implemented, workers will be able to work four days a week from next year. Now they work five days a week. However, the workers have to work 12 hours in those four days. Because, according to the proposal of the Ministry of Labor, the rule of working 48 hours a week has to be fulfilled.

If this labor law is implemented, the amount of wages received by the workers may be reduced. Instead, companies will have to pay more provident funds.

Some experts working on the proposed labor law say the new law will make a big difference to workers’ daily wages and provident funds. Under the new law, the allocation for the provident fund will increase every month. But the amount of salary received by them will decrease.

Under the new labor law, workers will receive half of their basic salary as a monthly salary. The rest will be in the Provident Fund as a percentage of the basic salary and Dearness Allowance (DA).

The central government has finalized new laws under India’s labor laws. At least 13 states have released draft plans for new laws.

The central government of India has finalized the draft of this labor law. Now it is awaiting approval.

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