This time Babul Supriya will be the prime ministerial candidate, a sarcastic BJP leader


Anupam Hazra, secretary of the West Bengal BJP central committee, sneered at Babul Supriya, who left the BJP and joined the Trinamool Congress. Renowned musician and former BJP Union Minister Babul Supriya has ridiculed the Trinamool Congress for not getting any post so far. Anupam said sarcastically, this time maybe Trinamool will nominate Babul Supriya as the Prime Minister.

On September 18, Babul Supriya left the BJP and joined the Trinamool Congress. Since then, various rumors have been circulating about him in the political arena of West Bengal. It has been said that Babul Supriya has joined the grassroots and is now the Minister of State. Once again, he is being made a legislator; Sometimes it is heard that he is being made a Member of Rajya Sabha or MP. The latest rumor was that Babul Supriya would be the mayoral candidate from the Trinamool Congress in the forthcoming Kolkata Municipal Corporation elections. But in the end no rumors came true.

When he left the BJP, Supriya said, “I want to stay in the playing XI. I left the BJP as I did not get a chance to play. ‘ Anupam wrote on social media mocking Babul Supriya on Saturday, “The boy who wanted to play in” Playing 11 “is still out of the field. I thought I would send him to Rajya Sabha. That is not the case. I thought I would make a minister with a ticket in the state by-election. That did not happen. Didn’t get the ticket. Then I thought, then he will be made the mayor of Kolkata by giving ticket in the election of Calcutta Corporation. The grassroots did not do that either. That means, of course, the prime ministerial candidate. ”

Babul Supriya was dropped from the BJP’s central cabinet after losing the assembly elections. He then joined the Trinamool Congress on September 17 holding the hand of MP Abhishek Banerjee, the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool Congress. Since then, there have been rumors circulating across the state that Babul Supriya will be made a member of the Rajya Sabha by the Trinamool Congress or a member of the state cabinet. However, he has not yet got any post in the grassroots. By-elections to the Legislative Assembly and two vacant seats in the Rajya Sabha have already been held. Babul Supriya did not find a place there either. Mamata won one of the two vacant Rajya Sabha seats by nominating former Assam Trinamool MP Sushmita Dev and former Goa Chief Minister Luizinho Faleiro. Apart from this, the Trinamool Congress did not field him in the by-elections of 4 vacant seats in the state assembly.

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