They have four days a week

They have four days a week


In many organizations, employees are under pressure due to work pressure. It is a far cry to reduce the working hours, somewhere in the forehead of the workers may not even have a weekly holiday. However, exceptions were heard in the case of a British bank. The UK-based online Atom Bank has announced three days off a week.

According to the BBC, Atom Bank has announced that one of its employees will work a total of 34 hours in a four-day working day. As such, the average daily working hour stands at 6 and a half hours. Earlier, they had to work 36 hours a day, five days a week. The bank authorities have implemented a new weekly holiday from November 1.

Atom Bank chief executive Mark Mullen said the Corona epidemic had prompted him to make such a decision. He believes that three days off a week will improve the health of employees and the quality of office work. Mullen has been leading the bank since 2014. He said, ‘You have to come to the office and work, you have to sit at the office table all day — these are our conventional types of work and ideas. But Kovid-19 has shown us that we don’t really need it. I think working from Monday to Friday is an old way. ‘

Atom Bank is one of the earliest digital banks in the United Kingdom.

In a review, the bank found that their new initiative would not create any barriers to customer service and productivity.

In the nineteenth century, most British people worked six days a week. But in the 1930s, Henry Ford, an industrialist in the United States, and Boots, a pharmaceutical chain in the United Kingdom, began popularizing the issue of workers’ two-day-a-week vacation. At present, various people are claiming that working four days a week improves the quality of life of the people.

Microsoft, Japan, in an experimental survey of them in 2019, found that while their employees were on vacation three days a week, product sales increased by almost 40 percent. Although many employers think that taking a four-day initiative is not the right thing to do. For example, in 2019, the UK-based scientific research institute Welcome Trust withdrew from its four-day plan for 700 employees at its headquarters. They think that this will complicate the management of the organization.

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