The United States has warned of threats to attack the school

The United States has warned of threats to attack the school


The United States has issued a stern warning against violent attacks on schools. The warning came after a Chinese video-sharing app, Ticket, was reported to have been shot dead in schools in the United States on Friday, local time. U.S. officials say no credible information has been obtained about the threat of such an attack.

Tiktak said that the videos are being removed after finding out the truth after investigation.

Several school shootings have occurred in the United States recently. The schools are already on alert about this. Meanwhile, after the information about the attack on the ticket was spread, the school authorities alerted the parents of the students and tightened the security. Apart from this, schooling has also been stopped in some areas for that day.

White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie tweeted that the White House and federal law enforcement agencies were closely monitoring threats to social media about violent school attacks.

Ticktack says they are working with law enforcement to investigate videos of possible school attacks. However, the truth of these threats was not found.

The Chinese company said in a statement that “local authorities, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security have confirmed that information about the threat of an attack has been leaked.” That’s why we’re removing such posts and videos. Such information violates our policy. “

“Anything found inciting violence on our platform will be removed and law enforcement will be notified,” Ticktuck said.

The FBI says it is investigating possible attacks on schools. The Department of Homeland Security tweeted that it had not received any specific information about the threat of attacks on schools.

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