Safia Sylvie

The news of Safia getting GPA 5 spread tears all over the house


After PSC and JSC exams, this time Safia Sylvie also got GPA 5 in SSC exams. Due to good results, sweets are to be distributed to his family members today. But the roll of tears throughout the house. Because Safia could not hear the good news. He died a day after the test.

Safia (15) hails from Puran Taherpur village in Bagmara upazila of Rajshahi. Father Shafiqul Islam is a businessman and mother Maryam Khatun is a school teacher. After 18 years of marriage, Safia came in their lap.

The GAS statement further said that the national party should start “ideological and political education activities”. This will strengthen the patriotism of the players. After the 2002 World Cup, China never played in the main stage of the World Cup again. The country is also more likely to not get tickets for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

However, Chinese football fans did not take such a strict ban on tattoos. Although tattooing is discouraged in China, it is very popular among young people. A football fan commented on the country’s social media Weibo, “Are we looking for a good footballer or a saint-monk.

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