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The green-maroon coach thinks it is difficult to get to the play-off this time


Draw again. Only two points from the last four matches. Needless to say, the coach of Mohun Bagan will not be happy in such a situation. Antonio Lopez Habas understands that the road to the play-offs is going to be difficult after the draw against Bangalore.

Roy Krishnara left the field after a 3-3 draw against Bangalore FC on Thursday. “The draw was the right result,” Habas said. But either team could win. It was a terrible match. ” Habas scored 15 goals in the league last season. This time Sabuj-Maroon has conceded 13 goals in six matches. East Bengal (15) at the bottom of the league table and Bangalore (15) on Thursday have scored more goals than them.

The green-maroon coach thinks

Habas said, “Not all seasons are the same. Multiple new players have arrived this season. With them we are playing with new methods, plans. This time so many things are different. We need to forget about last season and improve this season. ”

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