The Forex Brokers Comparison Service Has Been Launched By Traders Union


Forex brokers are considered the gateway to enter the forex trading market. Therefore, finding the best broker is the key to start a successful trading venture. Forex brokers are companies or institutions that provide numerous forex services, such as management of forex accounts and execution of orders. 

Though you can find them online nowadays, each one of them indeed claims to the best in their business. So, being a forex trader, you will be at pains selecting the best broker who offers the best brokerage services. To get rid of all such pains, you must carry out a detailed forex brokers comparison to make sure that you are engaged with the best broker who will meet your needs and serve you well. 

Traders Union, the world’s famous Association of International Forex Traders recently introduces the best forex broker comparison services. It provides you with a deep analysis of the services and prices offered by local and international forex brokers. Besides this, it saves your time and effort. With just a single click, you can have a comprehensive comparison of the top forex brokers to select the best one.   

Now, if you are willing to know how you can carry out forex broker comparison effectively at Traders Union. The answer is quite simple. It eases your effort to search for a forex broker comparison list. It presents you with a summary of every broker, explaining its pros and cons, customers’ reviews, and overall analysis. 

However, below are some of the factors which are described in the comparison table of different brokers: 


It is one of the essential factors while selecting the best brokers as you feel relaxed by knowing that you are in safe hands in terms of both money and personal information. Safety is generally assured by a broker’s reliability that is usually signified by the Forex regulatory body of the country. For instance, the US’s regulatory body is CFTC or NFA. There are some countries that require the brokers to get a license as approval.

Initial Deposit

When you hire a broker, you have to submit an initial deposit defined by the broker. Most of the traders prefer lower deposits to minimize the risks of their losses as a safety measure. 


When it comes to money-making in forex trading, brokers typically get some commission from their clients. Different brokers demand different rates, depending on the bid. They usually bid once the trade has been settled. On the other hand, there are also no-commission forex brokers that charge according to your spread (difference between the buying price and sales price). 

Orders Execution

Here you will mostly get two options that are instant execution and market execution. In the case of instant execution, brokers can place their bids (orders) by specifying both price and volume, which should be processed instantly. They also can’t change the execution price if the price changes at that moment. 

Conversely, in the case of market execution, brokers place an order by agreeing on the volume only. The ask price/bid is also generated during the execution process. 

The Final Words:

So, from the Forex brokers comparison list, you can quickly check which suits your criteria and choose the best broker for your forex trading venture. Moreover, you can also look at reviews of the brokers for further research. The best is always one that you can feel assured of!

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