Education Minister Dipu Moni

The Education Minister informed the ‘vision’ of the government about education


The present government wants to create mature golden people with competent, right attitude and values. Informing this, Education Minister Dipu Moni said that a plan has been taken to streamline primary, secondary, higher secondary and higher education for that purpose. According to the government’s vision, emphasis will be laid on continuous assessment and experience-based learning up to the higher secondary level, the education minister said. At the university level, there will be a focus on ‘smooth coordination’ between industry and academia.

He was speaking at a function at Haji Muhammad Muhsin Hall of Dhaka University on Saturday afternoon. The event was organized on the occasion of the final round of the inter-hall speech competition titled ‘Amar Bangabandhu’ organized by ‘Dhaka University Alumni Association’ on the occasion of Mujib’s centenary. The ruling party’s student organization Bangladesh Chhatra League cooperated in this.

Addressing the students present on the occasion, Education Minister Dipu Moni said, “Before coming to the university, you have come a long way. When you come to university you will learn everything and only at university level there will be quality education and we will be golden people – it is like a little golden stone. We need to know from childhood. Only then can you become a mature golden man. That is why we are creating new curricula from pre-primary to higher secondary. ‘

“The world is changing at an impossibly fast pace,” he said. What we are learning today is not going to be used in two-four-five years. Then I have to learn new technology, acquire new skills. The common notion was that there was no need to study after finishing university, but that has changed. Lifelong learning is needed to keep oneself efficient, competent and fit for the needs of the age now. ‘

Future University
There will be proper coordination between industry and academia – the government wants to build such a university, said Education Minister Dipu Moni. He said, “In the case of the university, we want those who come out with degrees to be educated unemployed. They will be able to work, be entrepreneurs, create jobs for others. There will be various business incubators in the university, new ideas will be practiced there, we will use them in real life again. ‘

Dipu Moni said, “We want a university where there is a good balance between industry and academia. It will start with the preparation of the syllabus. What the industry needs, what the working world needs for the age will be a useful curriculum. As students study according to the needs of the industry, the industry will also provide them with internship opportunities.

Regarding Dhaka University, the Education Minister said that Dhaka University has prepared a master plan for physical infrastructure. Before that, an academic master plan is needed. There will be a physical master plan in line with that. Only then can we truly say what we want to achieve after a certain period of time. He said, “Dhaka University can be our guide in higher education.”

AK Azad, President of Dhaka University Alumni Association presided over the function. At the end of the discussion, a film exhibition and cultural program titled ‘Mujib Amar Pita’ was held at Muhsin Hall.

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