The death of the tea seller who traveled the world with his wife

The death of the tea seller who traveled the world with his wife


KR Vijayan, a tea seller in Kerala, India. Savings from the sale of tea. He caught everyone’s attention by traveling around the world with his wife Mohana. The wife returned to Russia just two weeks ago. However, 61-year-old Vijayan will no longer travel the world. He died on Friday.

A report in the Hindustan Times of India reported Vijayan’s death. According to reports, Vijayan was planning to travel to Japan with his wife Mohana. Vijayan and his wife Mohana wanted to return to Vietnam and Cambodia from Japan.

In the last 14 years, the couple has traveled to 26 countries on six continents. National and international media have made headlines. Their tea shop is on Selim Rajan Road in Kochi, Kerala. The pictures they have taken around the country are pasted around their tea shops. People look at the pictures while drinking tea, talk.

The beginning of the world tour

The couple’s world tour began in 2006 with Egypt. The first time I went on a trip with a loan from a bank. They earn a total of 300 rupees a day by selling tea. From there they save money and repay the loan. Since then, as the number of visits has increased, so has the debt. However, he did not have to take a loan for a long time.

Due to the hobby of traveling around the world, the couple’s reputation spread around. After the headlines in the media, many came forward, patronizing to realize their dream of world travel. Then they did not have to think about it. They have toured Australia, New Zealand and Russia as patrons.

Brand Ambassador

Vijayan thought life was the sum of many trips. However, the couple did not just travel around the country. During their visit to Singapore, they inaugurated the office of a travel agency. Vijayan was the brand ambassador of that travel company. They had some financial resources from there.

In 2020, a book by Vijayan and Mohana was published. Their book is titled ‘The Global Tours of Victory and Mohana by Selling Tea’.

Mourning Vijayan’s death

The Indian Tourism Department has expressed its condolences over the death of Vijayan. Posting a picture of Vijayan on Twitter, the tourism department wrote, “An arrogant traveler started his last journey.

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