Surfer killed in shark attack in California

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A surfer has been killed in a shark attack off the coast of Moro Bay in the US state of California. His body was recovered Friday morning local time. The British state media quoted the BBC as saying.

According to local police, news reached them on Friday that a man had been pulled ashore from the sea. There is no response from him. Upon receiving the news, the police reached there. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. However, the identity of the deceased could not be ascertained. The incident is under investigation.

Considering the safety, the authorities instructed the travelers not to enter the water in the area for the next 24 hours.

The coastal town of Morrow Bay is located between the San Jose and Los Angeles area. “It’s a terrible accident,” local patrol director Eric Andersby told CNN. Fortunately, many surfers were unable to get into the water that day because of the bad weather and wind. Considering the safety, we have stopped the flow of water through that area.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the surfer who died in a shark attack on Friday is 31 years old. A female surfer was standing near him in the sea that day. He is the one who dragged the body of the surfer to the shore.
There have been several shark attacks along the Moro Bay coast in the last few years. However, this is the first case of death in such an attack since 2003.

On the 25th of December, the birthday of Jesus Christ, there have been attacks on Christians in various parts of India. Somewhere there has been an attack on a Christmas party, somewhere or across the state, Hindutva activists have burned the effigy of Santa Claus. The southernmost Indian state of Karnataka has been hit the hardest by Christians.

It is alleged that Christians are being harassed in Karnataka by making false allegations of conversion. Not only in December, but throughout the year, Christians have been attacked in India, which is why about 30 million Christians are in a state of panic, according to various reports.

At least 20 Hindutva activists stormed a school in Pataudi town of Gurugram (formerly Gurgaon) in Haryana, a state ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday afternoon. One of them also gave a speech. He says, ‘We do not disrespect Jesus. But they are destroying Indian culture. You help prevent them. Everyone shout and say Joy Sriram, Joy of traditional religion. ‘ The incident can be seen in the picture taken on the mobile phone.

Attacks on Christians are on the rise in India
Photo: Collected
Maharshi Singh, a local businessman, sent the image to the first light from the scene. “There were kids at the event, they panicked and went home without finishing lunch,” he said. After Muslims and Sikhs in India, this time the attack on Christians is increasing, said Pathan Maharshi Singh.

Hindutva activists said that conversion was taking place in schools. Police told the media that nothing like this had happened. After explaining this to the Hindutva activists, they left the scene. It is to be noted that a few weeks ago, Muslims were prevented from offering prayers in Gurugram. Police were forced to remove eight places from the 36 government-sanctioned places for prayers under pressure from Hindutva activists.

Attacks on Christians are on the rise in India
Photo: Collected
Yesterday, Hindutva activists also burnt Santa Claus puppets at various places in the state of Uttar Pradesh, marched in procession with purple flags and chanted Joy Sriram. Journalists in Uttar Pradesh told Prothom Alo that the panicked Christians did not hold large-scale events in many places.

Christians have been attacked in India throughout December. A decade ago, Mother Teresa herself was accused of forcible conversion in Gujarat against the Missionaries of Charity. It is said that conversions took place in a residence of the Missionaries of Charity from February 10 to December 9. At about the same time, activists of the Hindutva organization Vishwa Hindu Parishad attacked St. Joseph’s School in Bidisha district of Madhya Pradesh for the same reason. Missionaries and St. Joseph’s School authorities have denied the allegations.

Surendra Jain, central joint general secretary of the World Hindu Council, said anti-conversion programs have been launched in West Bengal from December 20 to 31. However, no attack on any religious person has been reported in West Bengal so far. Despite the growing influence of Hindutva in northeastern India, there were no reports of clashes due to the large Christian population.

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