South Korea has introduced amicron detection technology in 20 minutes


Researchers in South Korea have developed a technology to detect a new type of coronavirus called amicron. Using this technology, it is possible to identify amicron type within 20-30 minutes.

According to a report by news agency ANI, it is expected that the commercial use of this technology will take some more time to start. Scientists say that the new technology that has been introduced to identify amicron type is molecular technology. The results obtained using this technology will be published online.

A research team led by Professor Lee Jung-wook of the Department of Chemical Engineering has discovered the molecular test technology, according to a December 10 announcement from the Pohang University of Science and Technology (Posttech) in South Korea.

Amicron is a type of coronavirus that has been converted to spike protein 28 to 32 times. The Kovid-19 virus infects human cells using this spike protein.

Currently, the South Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is using three methods to identify the type of coronavirus. These are gene sequencing, precise DNA analysis and PCR testing.

Although it is possible to identify delta type in the current PCR test, it is difficult to identify amicron. Professor Lee said PCR tests for amicron detection showed strong signals for the N gene but weak signals for the S gene. Both the N and S genes have to be positive for the detection of latent amicron. Otherwise it is difficult to distinguish it from other types. However, the newly invented molecular technology can effectively identify amorphous types. Apart from that, this technology will also work in different processes of PCR test.

Conventional technologies typically handle as many as 98 samples per device. However, researchers hope that the new technology will be able to process 125 samples (more than 250 samples per hour) every 30 minutes. Besides, there is no need for specialized equipment in this technology. And for this reason it will be possible to test this very easily using ordinary kits. The kit can be made in four days.

Professor Lee said, “My hope is that with this technology we will be able to return to normal life as soon as possible. We will try to identify the new type of Covid-19 quickly and deal with it. ‘

Commercial use of this technology has not yet begun. However, as the PCR test method of Amicron has not been discovered yet, the scientists think that this technology can be used as a help for the time being. Professor Lee hopes that after experimental use, commercial use of the technology could begin in the second half of next year.

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