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Settlement in a Personal Injury Case?- The Desired Outcome


Every personal injury claim is filed with an intention of obtaining compensation for medical expenses and damages you have received. Because someone else breached the duty of care, you are entitled to get compensation. To achieve your goal, you need to contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney, who can assist you in obtaining the right amount. It has also been observed that the settlement plays an important role in all types of claims. People don’t want to fight for several days and months to get the money and justice. That’s why they prefer settling the case outside court.

Importance of the settlement

It has been observed that most cases end in the settlement because it saves time, energy, and money at the same time. A few cases go to trial, which parties are not able to settle outside court. We all are aware of the fact that trials may be stressful, expensive, and time taking. If you want to obtain the money in the quickest possible manner, settlement is the best option for you. 

You might want to know if you will get more money in the settlement or in trials. Well, no one can actually predict this future. Your lawyer will look at the facts of the case and after interrogating people involved in the accident as well as taking the feedback from the insurance company may estimate the amount, you will receive. However, the case may take any turn during trials. 

In the settlement, the lawyer and insurance company may work together to resolve the matter amicably. The negotiation will take place if both parties agree on the amount and other conditions. If it goes well, the insurance company will make you sign the document. However, it should be read properly and you can sign it after consulting with your personal injury lawyer.

Factors affecting your personal injury case

Generally, factors on which your personal injury claim will work are elaborated on below:

  • Nature and extent of injuries- Your claim will depend on whether your injuries are severe. For instance, brain, spine, and fractures may get you more compensation.
  • Insurance policy- The insurance coverage of the at-fault party can decide the amount you may receive for your injuries.

For an effective settlement, you must get in touch with a talented and aggressive lawyer so that he can speak with officials and make things easier for you. 

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