Protests and clashes in European countries

Protests and clashes in European countries


Protests continue in the Netherlands against the announcement of a new partial lockdown to prevent corona infection. The protest started last Friday. On Saturday night, people took to the streets to protest in various cities, including The Hague. । Protests are also taking place in Austria, Croatia and Italy in protest of the new restrictions.

According to a BBC report, the incidence of new corona has recently started to rise in Europe. In some countries, the number of daily attacks has reached record levels. In just 24 hours, 40,941 coronas have been identified in the country, according to the UK government. New restrictions are being imposed in various European countries to stem the tide of infection. And people have taken to the streets to protest against these restrictions.

A three-week partial lockdown was announced in the Netherlands on Saturday. That said, all bars and restaurants must close by 8pm. Gatherings for various sports have been banned. And the people of the Netherlands are protesting against these restrictions.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Saturday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Protesters then set fire to some bicycles on the streets of The Hague. They also threw firecrackers at the police. Local authorities have declared an emergency in the city. At least seven people have been arrested in the incident.

Administration officials said on Twitter that five policemen were injured in Saturday’s violence.

Violence erupted in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on Friday. A police spokesman claimed that a fatal situation had arisen in Friday’s incident. Due to this, the police have been forced to fire warning shots and direct shots. At least three protesters were shot dead that day.

Thousands strike in Vienna after Austria announces new lockdown A 20-day lockdown will be implemented in the country from Monday.

Thousands strike in Croatia’s capital, Zagreb Protests have erupted in Italy over the use of green pass certificates in workplaces and public transport.

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