Pfizer will allow poor countries to make corona pills

Pfizer will allow poor countries to make corona pills


Pfizer, a US pharmaceutical company, will allow poorer countries to produce low-cost corona pills. But before that, they have to pass the probationary pill trial and get the approval of the regulators. The announcement was made by Pfizer on Tuesday.

Earlier, Pfizer co-vaccinated with German company Bioentech. Pfizer says it has signed an agreement to approve the manufacture of the Paxlovid pill. This will allow generic drug manufacturers to produce their pills without any royalties.

Pfizer’s agreement with the Global Medicine Patent Pool (MPP) will result in the availability of low-cost corona drugs in 95 low- and middle-income countries around the world. These countries are home to 53 percent of the world’s population.

Earlier last month, another US company, Mark & ​​Company, struck a similar deal. Pfizer’s pill should be taken with the HIV drug Ritonavir.
Pfizer claims that interim data from ongoing testing of their pills could reduce the risk of hospitalization by 69 percent.

The Geneva-based MPP is a UN-backed international organization working to facilitate the development of medicines for low- and middle-income countries.

Charles Gore, executive director of the MPP, said: “The license is very important because if it is approved, the oral medicine will be especially suitable for low- and middle-income countries and could play a significant role in saving lives.”

Albert Borla, Pfizer’s chairman and chief executive, said: “Oral pills can play an important role in reducing the severity of coronavirus infections. In addition, it can save lives by reducing the pressure on our healthcare system.

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