Orange Harris cornered in the White House


U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris has lost importance in the White House. He is not receiving proper assistance from the West Wing of the White House or the office of the US President.

The report says President Joe Biden is now facing multiple legislation and a political crisis. White House officials are busy running to deal with it. They don’t have time to look at Vice President Kamala Harris, but Kamala Harris is cornered. Kamala Harris is not in the hands of officials in the U.S. president’s office when it comes to dealing with essentials. It is learned that Kamala Harris has spoken to about three dozen former and current assistants, administrative officers, advisers and close ones. Tensions are running high over the distance between President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

That CNN report reveals a complex reality inside the White House. Many in the vice president’s entourage have expressed outrage, saying Kamala Harris’ position is not right. President Biden’s team is not showing any loyalty to the vice president.

According to the report, Kamala does not have much time in the fight for the presidency. He has just one year to start his campaign to become a presidential candidate. One of the reasons Orange Harris is ready is because of Biden’s age. Biden is currently 69 years old. When he completes his first term as president, he will be 62 years old. Many feel that he cannot be a candidate for another term. But discussions are underway around the political world, with Biden set to run again in the 2024 election. He also spoke openly about it. To be Biden’s rival in the election, Kamala Harris will have to criticize him for the remaining three years. This will increase the distance.

But his relationship with some parts of the White House has already deteriorated. People have no idea what he has done or is trying to do as vice president. Kamala herself often says this. According to CNN, Harry is in such a weak position that leading Democrats inside and outside Washington have begun to speculate. The question is, why is the White House blocking him? “Those of us who know Kamala know how helpful she is,” said Eleni Konalakis, a friend of Kamala Harris and the lieutenant governor of California. He was supposed to help her a lot more than before. The current situation is causing frustration.

But since then the West Wing has begun to react and his presence has begun to wane.

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